Grenade Carb Killa Spread - Product Review

Macronutrient Profile Comparison

Nutrition (Per 33g serving) Carb Killa Spread Chocolate Spread
Energy  (Kcal) 173 189.2
Fat 13 12.54
of which saturates 3 2.86
Carbohydrate 12 17.82
of which sugars 1.8 17.6
Fibre 0.7 0.66
Protein 7 1.32
Salt 0.1 0.04

Grenade Carb Killa Spread is marketed as an alternative to other leading chocolate spread brands but with a preferred macronutrient profile and is suggested to be a lower calorie option intended to allow customers to ‘feast on without worrying about caloric content’.


It can be argued that Grenade Carb Killa may be a more suitable option for active individuals due to its increased protein content aiding athletes in reaching their protein targets. This would be beneficial due to unhampered tissue repair and hypertrophy as a response to exercise stress. Additionally although Carb Kill only has 5g less carbohydrate content a large advantage is that it contains only 1.8g of sugar as opposed to 17.6 seen in the competition. This would be of use by potentially preventing sharp rises and falls in blood sugar levels which can cause not only  crashing sensation but additionally instigate the feeling of hunger sooner leading to further indulgence potentially promoting a caloric surplus in individuals effecting body composition and overall weight gain. Furthermore high sugar intake is associated with a plethora of pathological states such as type two diabetes and coronary artery disease and so moderating sugar intake would be a healthier option. This evidence would suggest that Carb Killer could be a useful tool in a caloric restriction diet or those seeking to lose weight as not only can it prevent the increased hunger seen with high sugar alternatives but also would help subdue cravings due to its similarity in taste making the dieting process easier and more sustainable.


There are, however some draw backs to this product.  Carb Killer suggests that there is little need to worry about the caloric content yet when compared with its competition there is only a 16.2 calorie difference gram for gram. This would make little difference to overall dieting strategies as a deficit of roughly 500 calories per day is suggested for approximately 1lb of weight loss per week. If customers where to not check the nutrition label or serving size (as advertised)they could consume several servings and possibly move from being in a caloric deficit to maintenance or even surplus.


In conclusion this product does have a more advantageous macronutrient profile than general brand chocolate spread and would be an ideal choice for those involved in exercise or opting for a healthier diet but it is still vitally important to monitor and track caloric intake in order to see a benefit to overall diet and body composition as the largest effect to these areas is total caloric intake vs net caloric expenditure.

Nutritional aspects aside I found Grenade Carb Killa to be as good as if not better in taste in comparison to other  chocolate spread choices I am familiar with. I chose to use Carb Killa on toast as a post workout meal as the combination of carbohydrates and protein was ideal to replenish glycogen and aid with protein synthesis. Furthermore I enjoyed Carb Killa as an addition to oats in the morning and found it greatly enhanced taste and was also an enjoyable addition to pancakes. I found that the serving size was very generous and overall it was a preferred choice to other spread choices such as Nutella or peanut butter I have experienced in the past in terms of versatility, macronutrient profile and overall enjoyment. I would recommend this product as an addition to dieting in both a bulk and cutting phase to bolster foods with added protein or help with cravings.

About the Author

Mitchell Sparke (MSc–Clinical Exercise Physiology)

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