Grenade Sweeps Fat Burning Awards At FIBO Power Ceremony 2013

A little recognition goes a long way, and it’s only right that we Brits support our own…so Grenade, we salute you! You may or may not have heard, but Grenade, the company that brought you Grenade Thermo Detonator and Grenade .50 Calibre have just been awarded one of the top awards at Europe’s largest fitness expo, FIBO Power. Grenade, in particular their chief executive Alan Barratt received the award for European Diet & Weight Management product of the year for 2013…this is a big accolade. This isn’t Grenade’s first award, last year they won Fat burner of the year, and their pre-workout .50 calibre won pre-workout supplement of the year too…A pretty good haul I think you’ll agree?

So what is it that makes Grenade, in particular their Thermo Detonator top of the pack at the moment? Well a combination of factors really, striking packaging that grabs your attention and shows a lot of thought and design, unmistakable and memorable names, and not to mention an excellent marketing strategy…but above all of this, there is substance behind the superficiality of their pretty exterior, Grenade also (you’ll be pleased to know) delivers when it comes to getting results.


Nutrition Profile: Grenade Thermo Detonator


Green Tea: 500mg
Bitter Orange Peel: 420mg
Caffeine: 225mg
Cayenne: 200mg
Phenylalanine: 25mg
Green Coffee: 10mg

This delivers all of the key players in fat loss at the moment, most notably Green Tea and Green Coffee; these two nutritional components have been seen to work cumulatively together, meaning their effects are better when combined than if consumed on their own. Green coffee is the unprocessed version of your regular black coffee, so it’s the coffee bean but in its raw state. The coffee beans that are used to make our morning cup of coffee are roasted and ground, however this relatively natural form of processing alters the levels of Chlorogenic acid in the bean, and it’s this particular nutritional component that has been linked to fat burning and potentially reducing the onset of heart disease and diabetes.

Green tea is a fat burning staple for many and is adopted by many top fitness models, athletes and the likes of to help strip that stubborn layer of fat. Green tea warrants its place in the fat burning, tone, definition, health and longevity bracket of the supplement world, and it’s backed by research too that supports its ability to enhance our metabolic rate and lipolysis/mobilisation of fat stores (using fat for energy) (Sarma, Barrett, Chavez, et al. 2008; Kreider, Wilborb, and Campbell et al. 2010).

In addition to these ingredients, cayenne, phenylalanine, caffeine and bitter orange peel further enhance Grenades fat burning ability. This is via subtly different mechanisms such as appetite suppression (bitter orange peel) and thermogenesis, which results in an elevated metabolic rate and potentially, a greater fat burning response.

So well done to Grenade and their team for releasing a brand that has literally exploded into the industry, may they continue to deliver the way they clearly have these past 3 years! Check out Grenades full range that includes a brand new creatine, pre-workout, protein flapjacks, testosterone boosters and…of course, fat burners!


Sarma, D, N., Barrett, M, L., Chavez, M, L., Gardiner, P., Ko, R., Mahady, G, B., Marles, R, J., Pellicore, L, S., Giancaspro, G, I., (2008). Safety of green tea extracts: a systematic review by the US Pharmacopeia. Drug Safety, 31(6):469-84.

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