GUY’S, Pick Up Your FAWKES, Eat, & Ignite Your Metabolic BONFIRE!

What is it that keeps that metabolic furnace simmering away in your body, and why does eating have such an important part to play? Your metabolic rate (metabolism) has a base point known as your ‘basal metabolic rate’ or BMR, this is the absolute minimum level of energy needed to sustain your daily bodily functions (heart beat, brain function etc) and maintain homeostasis! On top of the BMR is your metabolic rate which encompasses activity levels, temperature, and thermogenesis, such as the thermic effect of food (TEF). When estimating nutritional requirements it’s pertinent to remember that a physical activity factor and DIT, or Diet-induced thermogenic value should be added to a persons nutritional requirements. These adjustments are necessary in order to account for food intake and should go some way to validating the saying ‘eat to lose weight’!

Throw a log on the fire

When trying to strip off excess body fat (both visceral and subcutaneous) it’s important to keep your metabolism at its highest. Granted there are several other factors to consider in your pursuit of fat loss, but metabolism is an integral one. Try to see your metabolism as a bonfire on the 5th November, whereby the regular addition of wood keeps the fire burning. Now try to see the wood as food, and the flames of the bonfire as your metabolism…the regular, measured addition of food to your stomach will increase your metabolic rate helping you to burn calories whilst at rest.

Increase lean muscle mass

A favourable muscle to fat ratio increases your capacity to lose weight. Fat is metabolically active meaning it requires more calories to sustain than fat mass, so more muscle leads to more fat loss! A whey protein shake is a useful addition to any dietary regime because of its ability to increase satiety, physically fill the stomach, and increase the synthesis of muscle protein.

Fat burner supplements 

Fat metabolisers A.K.A fat burners work via several mechanisms, they either satiate hunger, stimulate, or increase metabolism. Fat burners are designed to help you burn extra fat…not lean muscle mass, not carbs, but fat. The way they manage this is to promote a process known as lipolysis (the breakdown of fat stores for energy). Fat burners contain a variety of ingredients designed to deliver optimal ratios of key fat burning ingredients such as CLA, Green tea extract, L- Carnitine, Caffeine and Guarana (Guarana contains more than double the caffeine found in coffee). Some popular fat burners include PhD Lean DegreeMaximuscle ThermobolOptimum Nutrition Thermo Cuts or Grenade Thermo Detonator.

NOTE: Just like fireworks, handle fat burners with care, their stimulatory effect and their ability to increase heart rate demands due care a diligence when consuming. If you have any underlying medical condition, or if you are particularly receptive to stimulants then contact your Doctor prior to consumption.





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