If You Hack Squat, Olympic Barbell Squat Or BodyWeight Squat, You Need To Do This....


Training your legs is a must especially because it's a huge muscle group which can help burn fat and build muscle. When training your legs a common compound move to perform is a squat and there are many different types of variations of this movement too. In particular, you can perform a regular barbell squat, front squat, hack squat and so on to really get a good workout from these exercises. However, there is something really important when it comes to technique which you must ensure you do to prevent injury and bad form.


When you talk to the hardcore lifters about squatting they will tell you, you must pass parallel  otherwise it doesn't count as a repetition, yet others will tell you just getting into the rack is great for your body. Personally, I'm not here to tell you how far you should squat, even though you should aim to test your range of motion as best as you can without causing injury to yourself. With this said, this isn't the reason for this post but it does have a lot to do with form and technique, as it's incredibly important when it comes to squatting.


Like many compound movements, you should always concentrate on the technique of the exercise before trying to add lots and lots of weight to it to prevent one thing, injury! Remaining injury free is how you continue to make progress because the moment you have a niggle or pain which prevents you from doing certain moves, is the moment you then lose out on reaching your goals.


Only last night whilst working out I saw a couple of guys on the hack squat hitting some good reps but driving through their toes and not through the heels. Now, there will be some people out there who will tell you that this is ok and it won't affect your body, I would politely disagree as I think it's more beneficial for you to drive through the heels. Every time you lower yourself into the squat and push back to standing you should be focusing on driving your heels into the ground so that you maintain good posture and form. This will also help prevent injury by keeping your balance and not falling over. Driving through your toes can put unnecessary pressure through your knees too especially when you are lifting a heavy weight, so keep it sensible when squatting. The same goes for being on a hack squat machine and doing other variations of squats, drive through the heels and you will see good results.


Always make sure that you consume your whey protein shakes after your workout so that you can begin the refueling process and rebuild your muscles effectively. The choice is yours in terms of which protein shakes you use, choose between a whey, diet whey or mass gainer to help you achieve best results. Keep those heels down when you are performing your squatting exercises to maximise results and prevent injury :)

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