Must Be Healthy They Contain Zero Sugar?

Coke zero, Diet Fanta, Sprite Lite and other fizzy drinks which market themselves as containing zero calories must be healthy if they have nothing in them right? WRONG, these drinks are really bad for you and if they don't have sugar in them, they must be containing other ingredients which are harmful to you. The drink is still sweet, contains additives and sweeteners and therefore keeps you addicted to drinking these types of drinks.

What is better for you? A natural fruit smoothie with 200 calories which is packed full of antioxidants and health rewarding nutrients that is going to make you feel amazing. Or an artificial, sugary drink which offers you nothing, makes you feel bloated and is doing harm to your insides?

Still need help deciding whether to drop the fizzy drinks? Why not check out this short 2 minute video below and after seeing it, it should make your mind up for you.

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  • James

    Sorry Scott, but this is just a load of nonsense.
    Yes I agree that a pure fruit smoothie packed with antioxidants and vitamins and other desirable nutrients is healthier than a diet soda, but to say that a Diet Coke (for example) is harmful just because it contains sweeteners is misguided and not backed up by scientific research at all. There have not been any studies that conclusively link sweeteners such as aspartame (a common go-to for people looking to malign sweeteners) to any negative effects.
    The worst thing drinking diet sodas will do to you is probably rot your teeth if you do not take care of them well, but otherwise they are a perfectly reasonable part of a diet (certainly much better than the full sugar containing variants).

    For more information about the non-dangers of diet soft drinks I suggest you look here:

    they have a fair bit of information about the effects, or lack thereof, of diet sodas.

    • Scott Riches
      March 11, 2014 Scott Riches

      No need to apologise James. Each to their own view but the fact remains a fruit smoothie is better for you than a diet coke. The post is to remind people that just because a fruit smoothie contains 200 calories it doesn't meant a diet coke which contains zero calories is better for you. Thanks for the link.

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