Five Healthy Diet-Friendly Snacks

Staying on track with a bikini-ready diet can be a challenge especially when on the go away from the comfort zone of home.
Temptation to eat unhealthy snacks when you don't have access to your diet-friendly stocked fridge can be a hurdle you won't want to trip over.

Healthy snacks in your bag I think are like equipping yourself with secret weapons to zap away temptation or urges to eat unhealthy foods.

So eating snacks with the right ratio of macro nutrients and calories will keep your body energised, feeling satiated and help promote fat loss.

Fitness is a lifestyle choice so it's all about the mind-set first, then making those healthy choices and meal prepping.
The trick is to think and plan ahead, and carry your at-home foods with you. It becomes a habit. You will be in control, and that's a great feeling. You are meal prepping during the week, packing a weekend family summertime picnic for the beach, eating at work or hanging out with friends at the cinema.

High-protein snacks are good for you and combined with exercise, fuels the growth of lean muscle mass, boosts metabolic rate and increases total calorie burn. Keep the carbs and fats ratios healthy. Adequate daily fibre intake helps improve digestion too.
Remember, good fats in your diet help you to efficiently burn fat.

1. Peanut Butter

A good fat and instant hit of protein- and good fat - a tasty treat spread on wholegrain rice cakes. One tablespoon on a rice cake is a typical serving, so try two servings per day for one of your diet snacks.

2. Fat-free Greek Yoghurt

Packed with protein and great with a fruit. Try it with strawberries or anti-oxidant superfood blueberries with two slices of fibre-rich Rivita wholegrain slices.

3. Apples

An easy go-to snack which can be eaten with good carbs whole grain rice cakes, dipped in fat free yoghurt (high protein) or low-fat hummus.
"An apple a day ..." as the saying goes. Apples contains pectin- a complex carbohydrate and soluble fiber found in the walls of plant cells. If you don't like an apple then try grapefruit, orange and apricot which also contain high levels of pectin.
There are many health benefits associated with pectin including regulating the digestive system, lowering blood pressure, glucose levels and also bad cholesterol levels.
Apple pectin is as a natural remedy for digestive disorders, helps to regulate bowel movements and constipation.

4. Protein Ice Cream/Frozen Fat Free Yoghurt

A cool-bag favourite treat of mine is Protein ice cream or frozen fat free yoghurt. It tastes great when you are on the beach, the sun is hot and you want a cold treat without triggering sugar cravings.

5. Protein shake (with oatmeal optional)

Yes, the trusty protein shake is great for the working week and when you are on the go.
Another high protein (low carb) hit which tastes good with water, almond milk or soya milk. Pop your protein shaker into your bag.
You can even add oatmeal to a protein shake which is what I do on my bikini athlete diet prep. You get a slow release carbohydrate which is good to keep your blood sugar levels more stable between meals and to help you feel more satiated.

With this list of go-to healthy snacks, you will be 'prepped and packed'.
You can ditch worrying about being tempted to eat non-diet friendly snacks when away from the comfort zone of home.


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