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So within the bodybuilding world, most of us want to have bigger arms, it's just one of those muscle groups that we want to have. I get it, big arms with the sun shining is a must but in order to get this ideal look you have to do other exercises too. Heavy squats, deadlifts, bench press, shoulder press and so on all help develop and build your body by adding mass to it. By performing these types of exercises over the endless barbell curls is what will going to help build your physique....

Hormone Production 

Human Growth Hormone or HGH for short is responsible for you turning from a non lifting status to looking like someone who has been around for years. What's the snag I hear you ask? Well, optimal amounts of hgh are released when performing large, compound exercises that require the body to work. Barbell curls and dips unfortunately do not fit into this bracket and if these are a ritual in your routine it could be where you're going wrong.

Time Is Money

You've no doubt heard of the above saying before in life and it's the same when you workout, so making the most of your time is crucial for developing a better and bigger physique. When you start your session you're fresh and have the most strength, so starting with compound moves are generally a great idea. Loading the weight on and optimising repetitions is key but remember to keep good form and remember to warm up properly. Perform compound movements ahead of isolation based ones that require less energy, focus and concentration.

More Testosterone

Higher levels of hgh in your body will also result in larger amounts of testosterone which is your best friend when training in the gym. Increased levels of testosterone will help you lift heavier weights and achieve greater results within your workouts, it's a win win outcome when training those compound lifts.

Big Arms

With greater levels of testosterone and hgh flowing through your body you'll naturally increase in size in other areas when you work them. So when it comes to you working your arms you will notice a huge difference because of the work you have put into other areas of the body, make sense right?

Extra Ways To Optimise Gains

Other ways of boosting testosterone and giving you every possible chance of growing your physique and maximising gains is to use supplements. These supplements can be used alongside your diet and give you the upper hand when you need it most. Products like Sci Mx Fenu which is a supplement consisting of fenugreek will increase levels of T. ZMA is another supplement that will improve levels due to zinc and magnesium being key components of the product, when combined they can seriously increase strength and power.

Make sure you get those compound movements in, train heavy and reap the rewards from doing so :)

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