High Protein Healthy Breakfast

Breakfast is a meal that helps us to prepare for the day.

Starting the day with a healthy breakfast helps to set the tone and that means we’ll be more likely to make healthier choices during the day...and that’s what gets us results over time!

Check out this simple, quick and cost effective (versatile) breakfast idea that can easily be adapted to suit your taste buds and macro needs…

So, What Are You Going To Need?

30g Serving Optimum Health Ultimate Whey (mixed with 300ml water)

    21.3g Protein | 5.2g Carbohydrate  | 1.7g Fats | 121 Calories

50g Quaker Oats

    5.5g Protein | 29g Carbohydrate (0.5g sugars) | 3.8g Fats | 185 Calories

10g Walnuts

    1.5g Protein | Trace Carbohydrate | 7g Fat | 68 Calories

Total Macros

Protein: 28.3g

Carbohydrates: 34.2g

Fats: 12.5
Calories: 374

Feel Like This Needs Adjusting For Your Needs???

If you’re the kind of person who prefers more carbs in a morning to get you going, up the Oats…or add a bit of banana.

Want more protein? Up the amount of Optimum Health Ultimate Whey Protein!

More Fat? More Walnuts is what you’re looking for…

Now Enjoy!

You can get this breakfast made in minutes, packed full of nutrients and full of taste it’s one to add to your menu...

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