Hit Your Type II A & X Muscle Fibres For Growth : Power Movements Make You Grow

Power exercises such as high velocity isokinetic contractions e.g. forceful rotations during a spin class, plyometrics e.g. box jumps and standing vertical jumps, and ballistic movements e.g. short sprints and bounding, are integral to summoning muscle strength, power and growth! Shocking the muscle is key from time to time, so if you’re used to performing heavy compound movements or high endurance exercises, then it might pay you to incorporate some power movements into your routine to promote growth.

Forceful high speed movements such as a standing leaps, box jumps or 5 yard sprints are classic power exercises, but also consider exercises such as bench press throws, explosive lunges or power curls (one of the only times it’s acceptable to curl in the squat rack) to promote total power! These movements recruit the fast twitch muscle fibres, also known as Type II A and Type II X, these two fibre types are both high power generating fibres meaning they are capable of high levels of power and growth…there’s a reason sprinters are usually muscular and bulky!

Take a look at renowned strength and conditioning writer Jim Stoppani’s power curls video as a great example of how you can maximise growth in your biceps:

Also see his Jump squat video for a body weight power exercise:

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