Hot Off The Press... DIET Drinks DO Help You Lose Weight....

This really is something and these type of posts need to stop because it's sending the wrong message across to people who want to lose weight. When you set out on your journey of losing weight it is really important that you do it correctly and still remember to think about your health as a priority. All too many times people will sacrifice their health for short term fixes and what I have read this morning is no different. Let's take a look at this wonderful study...

What We Know

A study was conducted of 303 people and saw more people lose weight drinking diet sodas than water. To be precise, those that consumed diet sodas lost on average 13lbs whereas those who stuck to water 'only' lost 9lbs. These people took part in this study for 12 weeks and scientists actually think that drinking diet sodas will help reduce weight gain and make them feel better. They were separated into two groups and both exercised and ate well balanced meals over the 12 weeks.

The Outcome

After the 12 weeks 64% of people who stuck to diet sodas lost at least 5% of their body weight and were healthier, lowered their risk of heart disease and blood pressure. Only 43% of those who stuck to water lost at least 5% of their body weight.

What I Actually Think

So by now I hope you are screwing your face up and not believing that something like this is actually going to work. Let's just re visit this sentence, water vs diet drinks for weight loss? The thing is, we don't know some pretty important facts about this study which would be VERY handy to know so that the comparison and outcome could be justified. For instance, the study states that both groups were eating and exercising the same but how do we know for sure? 12 weeks 303 people stuck to the same diet apparently? How many people do you know that stick to the same weight loss diet for max 4 weeks?


The study doesn't state how much exercise each person did and at what rate? Could it be that the group who drank the diet sodas worked harder? Did their percentage of people who lost more weight have a greater work output compared to those who drank water? Did they expend more calories? We don't know but again, this information is really important so we know the exact fundamentals of both groups.


The study only reached out to 303 people which is extremely small in terms of something very large like this. Losing weight is possibly THE biggest goal people set especially this time of the year. However in my experience most people don't want to lose weight. When you actually sit down with someone who is unhappy with how they look, the weight, the number they see on the scales isn't the main concern. It is the body fat they are holding onto in certain areas, usually the mid driff, bum and thighs. So while the study promotes those drinking diet soda I am certainly not convinced. Again, how do we know that the reason this group lose more weight was because it was through a loss of water or even muscle tissue?

Unfortunately we don't know and are likely not to find out. In my opinion I would stick to drinking water over consuming diet soda drinks any day of the week. Water is great for hydrating you, improving cognitive functions, working with the immune system, aiding in recovery, relieving tight muscles, ache and pains and much, much more! Tell me the benefits of drinking diet soda, and don't say weight loss ;)

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