The Importance of Using Casein Protein In Your Supplement Stack

Supplements are everywhere you look nowadays and it isn't always an easy choice to pick the right ones for you. Everywhere you seem to look there is a new or different product that is appealing and could work for your body type. There are a few staple supplements I think you should be using especially if you are active and train hard. Today, I want to share my knowledge on why you should include Casein Protein into your daily supplement stack.

So what is Casein Protein? Often I will advise people on the benefits of casein protein however not many of you will have heard about it. Casein Protein is similar to whey protein as it contains a good amount of protein per serving that is going to recharge your muscles and give it the recovery it needs. Whey protein is acid soluble and digests in the body within 15 minutes, making it a fast realising protein to take immediately after your gym session or whenever you are in desperate need of a hit of protein. Where casein is different is in its ability to release the protein within your system. Casein Protein settles for a lot longer in your body because it forms a clot and releases a lot slower to the muscles. The best time to take Casein Protein is before you go to sleep and latest research has shown a correlation between taking casein protein at night helps works with the body and releases the protein directly to the muscles. As Casein is slow release it is best to take this protein supplement when you know you are going to go without food for a considerable amount of time. Sometimes are lifestyles are hectic and we can't always eat when we want to. So a great solution is to use Casein at times when you know you are going to go without food but you won't starve your body.

I suggest you use Casein protein if you are someone that exercises regularly throughout the week. Take the Casein approximately 30 minutes before bed and this will allow a 'drip feed' of protein being released to your muscles while you sleep. If you exercise in the evenings after work, just having a whey protein shake and a dinner after training isn't enough. This is another reason to start using Casein as it is slow releasing you may find yourself getting hungry around the time you go to sleep. This will help you stay full and resist the urge to treat yourself with something bad late at night. Reflex Nutrition, Optimum Nutrition and Optimum Health make up some of the best tasting Casein products we sell here at Discount Supplements. To maximise the length of time it takes to break down the casein will also depend on what you are mixing it with. If you use water it will obviously be quicker than milk. Use milk however if you want to add calories to your shake and maximise the length of time it will take to break it down within your body.

I recommend you use this protein if you want to help your body recover quicker and faster.

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