The Importance Of Staying Hydrated

A topic that is widely promoted to everyone through all media channels is the importance of staying hydrated all year round. As a society we are constantly reminded to drink water, but how many of us actually remember to do so. We all lead such busy and hectic lifestyles it is likely that we will forget to do so.

It's very important to stay hydrated through drinking water all year round and not just in the summer months. Whatever the type of activities, exercises or lifestyles you lead, to stay healthy and to function properly it is deemed necessary to drink adequate amounts of water throughout the day. Now I know you hear this topic a lot, but how many of us actually remember the importance of drinking water? Hopefully after listening to this video you will be make more of a conscious effort to drink more water.

So why is drinking water so good? Well, it helps the mind, brain and organs within the body to function properly. It regulates your skin, making you look and feel youthful. Water helps will the digestion of food, transports nutrients to areas quicker in your body. Your muscles are mostly made up of water, you want to look after your muscles seeing as they pump the blood round your body. Another great reason to drink more water. Ideally, you want to be drinking approximately 2 litres of water per day, for some people this will be different, but 2 litres is a good base point. On a training point of view, you'd perhaps drink more water to compensate the loss of water through sweating. In order of making sure you are drinking enough water, I recommend buying yourself a 2 litre bottle of water so that you can have this with you all day. You can also use your 2 litre bottle of water as a benchmark to see how much water you have drunk throughout the day. If the bottle is nearly full, and it's getting to the middle of the day, you know, you need to drink more of it.

What about hot drinks? I have people tell me that, '' I am drinking throughout the day, I have 5 cups of coffee and tea per day''. I personally think its fine as long as you are drinking water with it, as there is caffeine within the hot drinks that will dehydrate you, regardless of the water you put into the hot drink.

So, there really is no time like the present, grab your bottle of water, drink some, and STAY HYDRATED!!

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