Improving Our Children’s Health In 10 Days! SERIOUSLY…Start Reducing The S***r Now!  

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In my opinion the 'S' word (Sugar) is more deserving of asterisk censorship around children than any other expletive in the human language, marketing campaigns and branding is too in tune with the desires of children and we're all paying the ultimate price for it. I mean, have you ever stopped to think that the children of today are the adults of tomorrow, the people who will be responsible for our care as we sit there getting older and older and less able to tend to ourselves? More to the point, have you taken time out of your own world to actually think about the repercussions some of the dietary decisions and habits many of our children have could be having on our children’s health?
If we could truly comprehend the damaging effects that refined sugar such as the kind found in fizzy drinks, sweets and many takeaways (to name a few) are having, we would no doubt take more aggressive steps to reducing the quantities we consume.

So when large studies such as a recent one in the journal of Obesity assert that children who cut back on the sugar they consume demonstrate significant improvements in blood pressure, cholesterol, glucose tolerance and other health marker, and here’s the star finding… it did it in just 10 days!

Come on now, you don’t have to reduce your sugar intake for long to see the profound improvements in your child’s health! The speed at which these positive effects take place prove how unwelcome refined sugar is in the body… your body can’t wait to get rid of it!!

The changes that were made were not unachievable either. Dietitians cut the children’s sugar intake to less than 10% of their daily calorie requirements, a drop of 17% from the original 27% of daily calories coming from sugar! Bad cholesterol fell by 10 points. Diastolic blood pressure fell by five points. Triglycerides dropped 33 points, whilst their tolerance to glucose improved meaning more energy, less inflammation and a lower risk of diabetes.

Time to form new habits…while you still can!

The old adage ‘you can’t teach an old dog new tricks’ often holds true, partly because we become a little more stubborn and set in our ways the older we get, but mainly because cemented habits are HARD to break. Fortunately, if given the right guidance and direction the children of today still have time to make a change. Set the children a challenge to reduce their sugar intake over a 10 day period first of all, try reducing their fizzy drink intake to 1 can instead of 2, or if their intake is higher then be sure to reduce it accordingly (this goes for sweets, chocolate, milkshakes etc)… AND STAY STRONG WITH IT…as adults we must not cave in to children’s demands!

Children are more pliable than adults in the sense that they can generally break habits more easily, so persevere because the results will be better for your child (and humanity) than you could ever imagine.

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