Want To Increase Power & Strength Whilst Burning Fat? Then Get Cleaning!

If you thought a Power Clean was an explosive version of a good ol’ Spring Clean, then it’s high time you revised your training regime. With the exponential growth of Crossfit, a revolutionary sport that incorporates a variety of Olympic lifts (among other exercises) that involve full body compound moves such as snatching, the Clean and Jerk, and of course, the Power Clean, it's no surprise that this exercise is now seen on a daily basis in your commercial gyms.

The Power Clean requires simultaneous speed and strength, making it a power building powerhouse! The vast amounts of movements involved in a Power Clean means the energy cost is massive, hence you can burn a lot of calories as well as build strength and power in one exercise.

To perform a Power Clean get yourself an Olympic bar, load it with a weight that you could ordinarily deadlift easily, and adopt an overhand grip at just past shoulder width. From here you must keep your back flat whilst maintaining the natural arch in the lower lumbar region. Proceed to deadlift the bar but with controlled speed, when nearing the top of the movement shrug your shoulders to enable the bar to raise with momentum toward your shoulder region. Once at your shoulder region you should squat underneath the bar whilst rotating your wrists so that your palms are under the bar and facing the ceiling. You should now be in a quarter squat position, which is one rep…COMPLETE!

A good way to incorporate Power Cleans is to begin your legs session with them, performing 3 sets of 5 reps. ENJOY!

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