The Insanity Workout Uncovered In 60 Days

I recently stumbled across a guy on Facebook who has just finished 60 days of the Insanity workout and he looks incredible. The highly motivated 27 year old Jimmy, from Ipswich who is a driving Instructor for Driven To Success ( has shared his journey and this is what he had to say about becoming a fitter and healthier person...

''I have always been an ambitious man and always set myself new goals in life. For a long time, I wanted to take on the Insanity challenge. On New Year’s Day this year I decided to take on this challenge.
I originally heard of the Insanity 60-day workout through a friend and its constant TV exposure. When I first researched it, like many other ambitious goals, it looked impossible to achieve. Rather than seeing it as something that I must achieve, I turned it round a bit and thought ‘let me have a go at this and see how long I can last’. I will never ever be a world class athlete with the best body, but I can be the best that I can be – and that was what I wanted.
As expected, within minutes of the workout, I was struggling in my own pool of sweat. I knew I was unfit and my body was constantly screaming and begging me to stop. However I strongly believed, as long as I kept going, as long as I stay committed, I was going to see results. Like everything else in life, the more you put in the more you’ll get out. As a Driving Instructor, a big part of my job involves motivation and encouragement, and I didn’t want to just be able to say it and not do it.
My goal was simple; I just wanted to be the best that I could be. For example, if the guys in the videos do 50 power jumps, and I can only do 30 that’s fine - if I can do 70 that’s great. I just wanted to max out what I can do. In traditional interval training, people normally do long periods of moderate exercise with short bursts of intense exercise but Insanity turns that around with long period of intense exercise with short rests. This is max interval training.
After the first couple of weeks, I started to see results and this motivated me to carry on. The workout videos got harder and harder and the pain was fighting against my motivation. No matter how cold or early it was in the morning, I would get up an hour or two earlier than usual to take on the challenge. Of course there were some days where I just wanted to stay in bed for another hour especially when I haven’t had much sleep or am shattered from the night before, but it’s all about the tenacity.
I did six days a week (about an hour a day), with a day’s rest where I let my body relax. I cut out the snacks and tried to eat healthier food that would give me more energy and a massive intake of protein. I knew it was important for my muscles to relax and repair themselves between workouts. The workout even comes with a nutrition book that gives good advice on your food intake.
The Insanity end result as you can see is fantastic. Every day I feel great and bursting with energy. I now rarely drink coffee, I sleep well and generally feel so much happier.
I must admit, it is extremely hard to train like that every day, the discipline and stress associated is so intense that I had thought about quitting on numerous times – but I always believed that if someone REALLY wants something, then they CAN achieve it. I’m now committed to maintain my body and I have already started training for the Ipswich Half Marathon this summer. Who knows what my next challenge would be.
I hope the before and after picture will give that demotivated person that extra little ‘push’ in life, in whatever it is they want to achieve.
Live with my motto; PUSH yourself to achieve, CHALLENGE yourself to improve''!
Great work Jimmy with your 60 day transformation and by the sounds of it, it is only the start of an awesome journey for you. We wish you all the best with future events and congratulate you yet again on what you have successfully achieved. :)
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