An Insight Into Milk & The GOMAD Plan

GOMAD is an acronym for Gallon of Milk a Day, and lets make no bones about it, it’s a fad diet…but a fad diet of a different kind. GOMAD aims to increase bulk and overall body weight via the consumption of copious amounts of full fat milk, a gallon (4 litres) to be exact. A gallon of milk is to be drank for approx 1-2 months, or many suggest until you meet your target weight.

Now I am by no means a proponent of GOMAD, but nor am I against it necessarily. Yes a gallon of milk is a sure fire way of getting calories down you, and the composition is high in protein, but on the flip side…it’s also high in fat! Yes, milk is high in protein, including unique proteins and peptides which may reduce inflammatory stress such as that in arteries, and reduces hunger. Considering milk contains saturated fat, it’s strange then how it has been seen to increase HDL (good) cholesterol in the blood, the type of cholesterol that is thought to be cardioprotective. Many people say that there are no health implications to consuming a gallon of milk, but current guidelines suggest that dairy (milk, cheese, yoghurt etc) should make up approx a sixth of your daily calorie intake, so whether these health benefits are still present when drinking a gallon of the white stuff a day is unclear (Allen, 2013)!

So by all means try GOMAD, but do acknowledge the holistic implications of consuming that much fat, and be sure to maximise the nutritional value of the rest of your diet when doing so!


Allen, L. (2013). Nestle Nutrition Institute. Milk Consumption in Children’s Growth and Development. Retrieved, 4th December, 2013, from

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