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You wouldn't usually associate the weight training section of the gym with carbohydrate drinks or energy supplements. For most people choosing to lift weights for fitness, their main focus is usually protein, creatine and optimal calories for muscle growth and fat loss.

I would argue that the vast majority of people spending their time lifting weights are striving for large, strong and defined musculature that makes them a little aesthetically pleasing to the eye, and maybe a little functionally fit too (in that order). Carbohydrate is usually frowned upon by this type of trainer because they believe it will deliver a surplus of calories, and abdominal fat deposition AKA… a big belly! Of course this is not the case if done correctly, there is definitely scope for including some quick releasing carbs into your intra- workout beverage, and I’ll show you why…


A perfect combination

Carbohydrates consumed at the right time can be a very useful method of encouraging muscle growth. Carbs trigger an insulin response which is one of the most anabolic hormones your body secretes, plus insulin acts as a key to your muscle that enables glucose and amino acids to enter and do their thing.

If you want to consume carbs without increasing the risk of gaining body fat, as well as giving you a much needed energy boost, then combine maltodextrin with some BCAAs. Before your next workout, put your BCAA supplement into your shaker followed by 15-20g of matodextrin, then fill it with water and sip it 15mins before your workout, and intermittently during your session. As soon as you’ve finished your session be sure to get a protein shake into you as soon as you can, ideally within 30-60mins.


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