Introducing Alex Shoebridge - DS Contributor

Alex qualified as a personal trainer and swedish massage therapist a decade ago, working his way up to become Head Trainer in a privately-owned and highly successful London fitness centre.

It was with Personal Training that Alex’s hunger for improving and enriching other peoples’ lives began. This hunger saw him seek to significantly expand the range of help he could offer, adding coaching, nutrition, instruction and postural analysis to his skill set in the intervening years. Most recently he has studied and trained under one of the most successful fitness professionals in the world, becoming in the process a National Level Strength and Conditioning Coach.

Alex is the owner and co-founder of The Strength & Conditioning Institute, which was named the UK Functional Gym of the Year 2015-16 at the National Fitness Awards. In 2016 Alex launched the SmartCoach, a groundbreaking new online training platform. He is currently enrolled in an Advanced Coaching Academy training course and has begun a new initiative to deliver seminars to coaches and trainers across the South East.

Alex loves what he does but he doesn’t take it for granted – he wants to pass on his hard-earned skills and years of experience to you, to help you achieve your goals in the best way possible.

A bit more about Alex...

Favourite exercise?

Squat and all its variations, adding weights with barbells, dumbells and kettlebells!

Favourite piece of kit?

It has to be the barbell – it’s a great way to train the whole body.

The exercise you have a love-hate relationship with?

Not so much an exercise, but mobility. I never seem to find the time to do it, despite how good it makes me feel! It really is an integral part of training, and I am noticing as I get older that I need more of it!

Alex's Credentials:

  • Premier level 3 trainer
  • Picp 1 and 2.
  • OLF Olympic lifting coach
  • Currently doing ACA level 1

About the Author

Alex Shoebridge is a veteran personal trainer with over a decade of experience. Qualifications - Premier Level 3 Trainer - PICP 1 & 2 - OLF Olympic Lifting Coach - National Level Strength & Conditioning Coach Alex has a hunger for helping to improve and enrich the quality of life individuals experience. This drive has lead him to expand his offering and certification into coaching, nutrition, instruction and postural analysis.
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