Ironman World Championships : Kailua-Kona, Hawai’i 2013

With the hotly anticipated Ironman World Championships around 7 weeks away it’s definitely time to start looking at the event, it’s history and the type of ultra endurance activities that comprise the ultimate endurance event that is…IRONMAN!

Ironman is now in its 35th year meaning the world’s fittest men and women have gathered in Hawai'i to compete against like minded individuals, who all share the same mantra.. ‘ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE’! Ironman first came onto the scene in 1977 as a way to satisfy those ultra fit athletes who were quite simply TOO GOD DAMN FIT for their own good. The Ironman world chapionships combines 3 main endurance events including the 2.4mile Waikiki Roughwater Swim, the 122mile Around-O’ahu Bike Race and then there’s the casual 26.2mile Honolulu Marathon for good measure…all in one event!

Taken directly from Ironman World Championship is this little gem taken from the original race directions from the first Ironman Championship in Hawai’i:

“Swim 2.4 miles! Bike 112 miles! Run 26.2 miles! Brag for the rest of your life!”

What more motivation does one need than that!? The race now takes place at Kona instead of Waikiki and athletes have no choice but to face 45mph side winds, scorching temperatures reaching 95 degrees Fahrenheit and direct sunshine battering their skin.

On the 12th October 2013, around 1,800 athletes will commence the 140.6mile race that will put their bodies through pain, pleasure and torment, as well as draw every ounce of spirit and energy it has to offer in order to earn the title that is…IRONMAN!

So what should the athletes expect? Well they will all be experienced Ironman athletes because the World Championship is qualification only, so they will be pretty clued up as to what to expect…however, when it comes to ultra endurance events, expect the unexpected! No athlete can foresee ‘hitting that wall’ when glycogen levels suddenly run out, yes they may have prepped as best they can, and yes they may be aware of such an issue, but failure to carb load, hydrate and get the electrolyte balance right could lead to an unexpected (and unwelcome) surprise…an energy crash. In order to stave off this crash, or even smash through it, try consuming an isotonic beverage at intermittent stages during the event, these can be strategically placed at refuelling points during the event. Should one feel that the volume of fluid they have to consume is too much to meet demand resulting in bloating, nausea and GI upset then energy gels are a great option. Examples of energy gels include PowerBar Powergel Hydro and PowerBar Energise Sports Shots. At most our bodies can absorb/tolerate 90-100g of carbs per hour, so getting these is when possible is of paramount importance.

So to get you in the mood for this prestigious event, at this mesmeric destination, check out the following video…Enjoy >>>

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