It’s Called  ‘ Slap City ’ … So What Are Your Thoughts On This Practice That Caused A stir At The 2015 LA FIT EXPO?

Kali Muscle, you might have heard of this chap who has become a bit of a cult hero in the bodybuilding and fitness world in recent years. He is probably most famous for his criminal background, yes he has an impressive and intimidating physique, but there are thousands of better physiques out there. So make no bones about it, this guy is most famed for his ex- criminal way of life, and not giving a f***, fair play …HOWEVER… and it’s a big however… Kali Muscle has since been recognised for his efforts in raising awareness of the negative sides of a criminal lifestyle, the troubles it brings and the hurt it inflicts on everybody, not just the individual.

Uses his influence to deter people from crime…

And in fairness, he does a great job too. Yes he was a criminal, but he doesn’t deny that, instead he uses that to deter the impressionable members of society from that way of life. For Kali, training is the lifestyle he promotes for its community and social aspect, as well as the positive health implications it can have. With this said though, Kali does admit to using steroids and this is by no means recommended (in fact, we strongly discourage the use of banned substances), nor is it good for health, but it is better than the criminal way of life…that is for sure!

So what’s this ‘Slap City’ business all about then??

If people think that fitness expo’s are becoming a little commercial and less ‘fitness’ oriented, then things like this ‘slap city’ business is probably one of the reasons why. It’s an excellent marketing ploy, it certainly attracted the crowds and captivated people for the sheer shock factor of what they were doing. However I have to ask…what does thishave to do with lifting weights, yes I understand the classic Ronnie Coleman slap on the back right before performing a rep to get you fired up and ready, but none of these people getting slapped were about to lift any weights!

Forgive me for being a prude, I appreciate I am being a little boring with this but I am a fitness and health fan through and through and I can’t help but think this stand was better suited to the recent Youtube Expo they held in LA only a few days ago. Yes Kali has muscles, and so too does his entourage, but I do believe that this sort of stuff is suited to Youtube, don’t make a mockery of a respected and established fitness expo by pissing around slapping the skin off peoples backs when you could be discussing the validity and usefulness of a supplement range. When I attend a fitness expo it is to network, research product and discuss fitness…if I wanted to see testosterone filled lads slapping the s*** out of one another I’d go to my old high school, because frankly that sort of behaviour belongs on a playground and NOT at one of the largest FITNESS expo’s in the world.

Don’t get me wrong, love his stuff and respect the message he is sending, but do it on Youtube where people can tune in and watch it if they want, not at a respected fitness event!

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