Jay Cutler's Journey To Become Mr Olympia 2013

Possibly the biggest event happening this weekend is the Mr Olympia contest which will be held in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. There is already talks that this is the year of the comeback for the notorious Jay Cutler as he steps back on stage since injuring his bicep back in 2011. In many interviews with Jay he will speak of how he wanted to comeback for 2012 Olympia but there just wasn't enough time for him. So, the realistic option was to set a goal and make it all happen in 2013, and this is exactly what he is doing.

Jay is 40 years old and has achieved so much in his career. As a child he was brought up on his families farm and often helped with the labouring. He talks of how this helped him develop a body that is different from his competition. To put it in perspective at the age of 11 he was helping his family with the concrete business, not the easiest of work at that age. His dream growing up was to become a police officer or work within the criminal justice division. He was studying this at a local college but decided to continue with his body building as he met some inspirational people along the way that encouraged him to step on stage. At the age of 20 years old he won his first competition and this gave him the confidence to continue in the sport.

Jay Cutler today is a name that will turn heads in any local gym, nutrition shop, sportswear store or supermarket. He is one of the biggest body builders in history and he is set to make a stand at this years Olympia showdown and redeem his 1st place title off Phil Heath. Jay injured his bicep in 2011, he actually tore his bicep and was told that he would need to retire from body building. He didn't stop believing and he did many different things to get him back to the shape and conditioning he needs to be at to compete. Jay understands the importance of stretching and maintaining supple muscles. He does this by regularly being massaged, treated and taking part in pilates classes to build inner core strength.

A typical day for Jay in the run up to Mr. Olympia 2013 will start with 20minutes of fasted cardio before he has breakfast. He will then eat a minimum of 6 meals per day depending on what his goals are for that chosen day. He speaks about how he will often train 1-2 times per day which means in effect he is putting in 3 workout sessions per day in his journey to re claim his title. Such awesome motivation from someone who was told not so long ago he wouldn't be able to compete again at this standard. It's no question he is an inspiring figure and at conventions such as the BodyPower which is held every year in Birmingham, UK he is a popular guest to see. He speaks of how his fans are his main drive to help him get through big competitions like this one. He wants to give back to the communities and help people change their lives. I'm sure he is doing this worldwide and with his mindset, he will continue to do so over the next few years.

Jay has his own supplements called elite series which are called the Elite Series. Alongside this product Jay works in partnership with a USA supplement company called BPI. We are currently stocking this pre workout formula that Jay has used and it is great. If you are into your pre workout supplements this is something you should have a look at. It is called 1.M.R and its unique selling point is based on this theory. This product will help you push out 1 more rep as opposed to using another pre workout supplement.

We will be supporting all the athletes and respect all the hard work that goes into competitions like this. It's set to be a great event and we cannot wait to see who is crowned Mr Olympia 2013. Keep up the great work Jay!!

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