Krystal Strong : How The Lady That Lost Her Arm In An Accident Conquered The Impossible

Krystal Cantu was a young women when she was involved in a car accident which resulted in her arm being crushed, mercifully she was spared her life, but sadly her arm couldn’t be saved. Obviously this is a life changing situation for anybody, and thankfully the world is becoming more and more accommodating for people who incur such injuries and the disabled community. However, some things are not always so accommodating to disabilities, and it’s just the nature of the beast…Crossfit as an example generally requires full body functionality, at least it used to before driven individuals such as Krystal took hold of it and adapted to accommodate for it! Crossfit personifies adaptation, the nature of Crossfit is to change and develop so that your body improves. Krystal managed to change and adapt in more ways than one, despite her amputation she was able to learn to eat, write and drive using the other hand, and even incorporate the demanding and versatile sport of Crossfit!

Stoicism and never giving in

A stoic character is one that never relents, one that can endure pain and hardship whilst continuing to apply themselves to a worthy cause. A true stoic can endure all of this whilst not showing the pain and torment it causes. Krystal personifies stoicism, her ability to remove her mindset from the incredible torment that must have been caused by the injury she suffered, to a mindset of resolve and positivity is a lesson to anyone. Krystal channelled her energy into a sport she loved and adapted to make it possible for her circumstances. She now serves as an inspiration to thousands of able bodied and other disabled individuals around the world demonstrating how we are the masters of our own fate, and ultimately we CAN do whatever we put our minds to, and our hearts into!

The ‘Adaptive way’…

Krystal explains that, like anyone, she has had to go through a lot of trial and error in reaching an ‘adaptive way’ that works for her. She has devised ways to adapt regular Crossfit moves to enable her to participate in a sport she loves. She now posts regular videos on Youtube demonstrating the ‘adaptive way’ to perform regular Crossfit moves…check this out!


Working Wounded Games

Although Krystal would definitely give me a run for my money in Crossfit, in order to keep things on an even playing surface the Working Wounded Games allow disabled athletes to go head to head with the best disabled athletes out there! The competition is fierce and the standard is very high, the athletes are the definition of hard work and dedication and are the epitome of what it takes to be a Crossfitter.

The Krystal Strong Philosophy

‘Krystal Strong can have a different meaning to everyone. It isn't something you do, it's something you feel inside burning through. It's a feeling of conquering the impossible. It's a feeling of wanting more out of life. It's knowing that you have the power to change lives. It's knowing that you're stronger than you think you are.’





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