A Lean, Defined & Muscular Physique Is All In The Preparation : Prep Meals The Night Before!

Earlier I briefly brushed over a few snacks that you could prepare the night before keeping you nourished the following day. The key to maintaining a lean, conditioned and healthy body is to have healthy foods and drinks available to you, if you don’t then you’ll have no choice but to go for whatever is available, and if you have to make a trip to the local convenience store then you’ll probably be faced with a variety of high sugar, high fat pre packaged snacks…not ideal! So what I strongly advise is that you keep an eye on the final goal, remember the adage 80% diet 20% protein and apply the same level of care you afford to your training, to your nutrition too!

So before you go to bed at night, invest your time wisely…you can start by purchasing some Tupperware containers in various sizes (you’ll see why shortly). Now get in the kitchen (yes, that place where your muscle building begins) and prep for the day that lies ahead!

NOTE: The following meals do not include breakfast, this vital meal can be prepped in the morning and should include something along the lines of porridge oats and a teaspoon of honey, or scrambled/poached eggs on a slice of granary bread, or even oily fish e.g. sardines, mackerel or kipper on a slice of granary toast.

Meal #1 – Boiled Eggs (ready to eat around mid morning)

Get in the kitchen and boil 4 eggs for approx 8-10 mins. Do not boil eggs straight from the fridge otherwise the contrasting temperatures may cause them to crack. Instead take them out and leave them in room temperature for 5mins, alternatively dip them in and out of the boiling water a few times to acclimatise them to the temperature.

Leave the eggs to cool whilst prepping your lunch and place in the fridge before you go to bed.

Meal #2 – Chicken, spinach and nut salad (ready to eat around midday)

You’ve got your protein dense snack sorted, so now it’s onto prepping your first meal of the day. The safest bet is to boil off 2 chicken breasts (one for morning & one for afternoon), lay some raw spinach leaves in the bottom of a Tupperware tub, top with some Udo’s choice or Optimum Health Omega Oil Blend, lemon juice and black pepper. Dice the chicken and layer on top, maybe sprinkle some sesame seeds and crushed cashew nuts and top with some fresh beetroot and grated carrot.

Stick the lid on and chuck it in the fridge.

Meal #3 – Fruit salad (ready for mid-afternoon)

You’ve got your boiled eggs sorted and a protein shake at the ready, but before you eat them get a fruit salad down you for the moderate releasing sugars (slower releasing because of pectin and intrinsic sugars), then get approx 25g whey protein down you and follow this up with your boiled eggs…that’ll see you through till lunch.

Get yourself some antioxidant rich fruit, particularly some blueberries, strawberries, red grapes and oranges/tangerines. Include a mineral rich banana and a fibrous apple. Chop them all up and place in another Tupperware container, pour over approx 50ml of fruit juice to reduce the enzymatic browning process and consume the next day.

Meal #4 – Tuna Salad (ready for late afternoon)

So you might still be feeling full from your mid-afternoon snack, but remember the purpose of this was to stave off the catabolic (muscle breakdown) process, therefore your late afternoon meal serves the same purpose! The evening before work place some mixed salad in a container and top it with some tuna in brine or spring water. Pour some cider vinegar and grind some black pepper over it and sprinkle some sesame seeds, top with 6 or 7 wholegrain croutons and place in the fridge.

Meal #5 – Sweet chilli steak stir fry (evening meal)

Dice some thin cut Beef/Steak fry or grill to your taste, cook off some Egg Noodles and 1/2 bag stir fry veg, add maybe 5ml (1x tspn) Soy sauce and 20ml (2x tspn) sweet chilli sauce and stir fry. The preparation with this meal is reliant on your shopping list, stock up and freeze ingredients if you have to, shop in the budget isles or go shopping late at night to take advantage of their ‘reduced to clear’ produce!

Meal #6 – Rice cakes and cottage cheese (mid-evening meal)

Have your self some slow releasing casein protein on a starchy carb rice cake, topped with some seasoning such as black pepper for example. This can be made as and when you require it because most will be home from work by then (assuming you work a 9-5 shift), but again, the prep comes with the shopping list.

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  • Ketutar
    April 6, 2014 Ketutar

    How could I replace the tuna? I can't eat fish or seafood. Would any protein do?

    • Tom

      For sure :) Any protein source will do, just try to keep it varies as different types of meat deliver different vitamins and minerals.

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