The Leg Workout Which Is Going To Boost Overall Performance....


Training your legs has to be up there as one of the hardest workouts but it's also one of the best workouts for boosting leg strength and overall performance within the body. Leg sessions target major muscle groups which will help build and tone your legs but also release certain hormones like growth hormone which will help boost overall strength and performance.

Leg Day

You might have been sick following a leg session or even tasted a little bit of it in your mouth, but the fact still remains that these grueling leg sessions make you a stronger person. I personally train my legs twice a week because I think they are incredibly important in overall performance when training other areas. I run, cycle, swim, ski and take part in other sport activities too which all require a high level of leg strength.

Reps, Weight, Sets

It's always a good idea to mix up your training and change up the amount of reps, weight and sets you are pushing in the gym. It's really important to vary what you're doing so that you maximise your true potential and get the right results for your body. If you're training to be fitter, stronger, healthier, increase fitness and stay lean then it's crucial to keep mixing it up.

Leg Workout

Each leg workout can be different and it can be made up of different big lifts such as leg press, squats, lunges and so on. It's really easy to get into a routine of just starting with squats first every session but mixing it up so that you do other exercises is going to prove beneficial to you. To test you strength, check out this workout and see how you get on


Leg Press - 10 sets of 10 reps 

Squats - 5 sets of 5 heavy reps

Walking Lunges - 10 sets of walking 

Jump Squats onto Box step - 5 sets 

Leg extensions and hamstring curls supersetted - 4 sets 

Session Over



A very intense session which is very taxing and is going to push you further than you may have likely taken yourself. I would strongly recommend using a bcaa and carb drink whilst training so that you keep re fuelled and you give yourself every possible chance of having the best session possible. Of course after your session I recommend stretching and then drinking your protein shake so you begin your recovery process accordingly. Tag a friend and see if you guys can accomplish this session together, drop a comment if you do it :) Enjoy

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