A Leg Workout You Should Give A Go This Week....

Do you even squat bruh? Out of all your workouts you can perform in my opinion skipping leg day is simply not an option. When you train your legs you are going to release growth hormone, endorphin's and most of all it will encourage your upper body to grow (which is always a good thing). I recently performed a tough leg workout which I thought would be great for you to try and give a go too. If you are wanting to shake up your routine and give yourself a tough workout, then this is for you and without further delay, here it is....

The Workout

In this workout for the most part you are going to hit three different variations of squats which target different areas of your lower body. A few extra exercises will also be thrown in for good measure and you are looking at approximately an hour to complete everything.

A Few Tips

Just before you start, remember that training your legs is no easy workout and just like the rest, make sure you are paying attention to every single rep you perform. Squeezing your muscles in the thighs and bum are crucial for development just like you would when training upper body.

Here It Is 

Back Squats - Warm up properly before starting your first work set and then attack this compound move with everything you have got. Start with 60kg on the bar and then keep working up to 120kg, then drop back down with 2 mins rest between each lift. In total you will perform 10 sets to start off, yikes I know!!

60kg - 30 reps

80kg - 25 reps

100kg - 20 reps

110kg - 15 reps

120kg - 10 reps

Smith Machine - Using the smith machine for a bit of stability when performing this next exercise so you can really concentrate on form and working the muscles. You are going to perform another squat movement but this time position your feet really close together as this will target the outer sweep of your thighs. As you lower yourself to 90 degrees or just below, pause for one second before pushing yourself to standing.

60kg on the bar and perform 10 controlled, slow reps with the pause for 3 sets.

Leg press Superset Sumo Squats - By now, you are probably hating me however the workout must continue and you will thank me after ha! Set up the leg press with 6 plates either side and grab yourself a 40 kg dumbbell. Perform 15 reps on the leg press with your feet high on the plate so that you engage your hamstrings and glutes too. Upon finishing 15 reps on this exercise,  go straight into sumo squats with the dumbbell and aim for 10-12 reps. Sumo squats are mimicked on the wrestlers themselves, so ensure to stand with a wide stance and your feet turned out.

Walking Lunges - Grab yourself  a bar, load some weight onto it and find yourself an open space where you can perform walking lunges. Ultimately you want to be able to walk out and lunge for 10-15 strides before turning back. Complete around 30 reps each time and aim for 4 sets. This is a great exercise for your hamstrings and bum muscles, work it!

Leg Extensions and Leg Curls - TO FINISH, superset with leg curls and leg extensions on the machines. This is a great finisher and I would aim for repetitions on this opposed to weight. You are more or less finished when it comes to these two exercises so try to stick with good form and really feel the burn. 15 reps on each for 3 sets with a final drop set finisher on both? You know it makes sense...

Points To Remember

I gave the weights that I used to give you an indication of how hard I worked for my body, be sure to set the weights up appropriately for you. Remember to stick with good form over anything else, leave your ego out of the gym and solely focus on your technique of each exercise.

Be sure to leave a comment below on how you found the workout, good luck ;)

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