Another Lesson From Nature : Be More Like A Stimpson’s Goby

O2 tell you to 'be more dog', whilst Discount Supplements tell you to 'be more Stimpsons Goby'!

Some of life’s most important lessons can come from the most unlikely of places, take for example a little, unassuming fish that resides in the volcanic rivers and streams of Hawaii. The Stimpson’s Goby begins its life at the top of a waterfall, in a calm and warm pool where it’s born, and where it will eventually see its own spawn born…but in order to reach this pinnacle, the Goby has to overcome adversity, and I mean real hardships!

Overcoming adversity is something that many humans will have to endure at some point in their lives, some of the most successful people in the world have suffered incredible hardships to get to where they are now…but few come close to the resilience, perseverance and hard work demonstrated by the Stimpsons Goby.

In order for the Goby to reach its pinnacle that is survival and reproduction, it has to survive regular volcanic eruptions, endless predators, as well as swimming ‘up’ the waterfall from where it originally hailed! The message here is that if a tiny little fish spend its whole life swimming up stream and still reach its goal, goodness knows that we humans, in all our might, can prepare some food at 9 o-clock at night, organise our supplements in the morning and get our arses out of bed to embark on what is sure to be a great day (it will be whatever you make it). Humans are getting soft, hard work is a virtue…just ask those little Gobys!

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