The LifeCycle Adventures : A Journey Of 25,000km...On A Bike

There aren't many things that completely inspire and fill me with awe like when I see and hear things in relation to The LifeCycle. If you are scratching your head and wondering what The LifeCycle is then let me give you some brief insight. The LifeCycle isn't a what, it's a who. A traveller, a searcher and a friend. Rob Lutter rode out of London almost 2 years ago on a wet autumn morning similar to the ones we have been experiencing lately to embark on the journey of a lifetime. Carrying only a few items such as his tent, bag, phone and camera, Rob left the UK to begin his cycle around the world. What amazes me more is that he is doing this not only for his own sense of adventure, to gather memories and experience new cultures, but raise money for different charities, particularly focusing on mental health aids that he feels strongly about.

Rob has already cycled 15000km and has experienced some amazing countries still only possessing his bicycle, tent and camera. There is no car, no hotel or luxury service on this trip. Upon leaving London he has cycled through Europe, across the deserts of Uzbekistan, passing the Kyrg Plateaus and is now in Hong Kong. From meeting new people and setting up camp in the unknown, Rob has certainly experienced 15000km of freedom, vast cultures and has grown a sense of adventure that is like nothing else I have seen. Having reached the 15000km mark on his journey and safely arriving in Hong Kong, Rob has raised a remarkable £3000 for both water aid and mental health charities. If this wasn't enough, whilst on his travels Rob has had CNN compile a short documentary on him and what he is doing in what I can only think of as being an act of recognition for what he is doing. I hope you are reading this and feeling the same passion and uplifting sense of belief for what Rob has achieved so far.

Rob has been in Hong Kong for a short while now and will be back on the road in the not so distant future. He has to cycle 25,000km in order to return back to London, UK and will be travelling down towards China and then hopefully across to Australia. He is in need of your help and if there is any way you can help him at all then please hop across to his website.

World Cycle Kickstarter // The Lifecycle Adventure from Rob Lutter on Vimeo.

On the website you can find out more about Rob and receive updates on his journey which he has waiting for him. He is on Social Networks such as Instagram, Twitter and Facebook whereby you can feel free to connect with him and experience his journey as he does.

Finally, from myself and all of the Discount Supplement family we wish Rob well and hope he enjoys the rest of his magnificent journey. I wish we could say our energy gels or protein powders helped fuel you along the way but I would be lying ;), I'm not sure what does motivate you, maybe it is the fact you are helping charities that in turn help save lives? Or maybe it's the sheer buzz of experiencing new places with fresh domains and meeting new people? What ever it is that drives you and continues to do so, keep up the amazing journey, stay safe and we look forward to hearing more about everything you are doing. Ride safe and take care now.....

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