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Keith Mason, former professional rugby league player, actor, model and Discount Supplements Ambassador writes EXCLUSIVELY for our Blog about his nutritional preparation for filming.

When I am preparing for films I like to get really lean and my weight down to around 15 stone. I currently weigh around 16 stone.

I like to arrive on set very prepared and feeling fit as I play mainly action parts.

With my diet I cut right down to around 2000 calories which gets me that ripped look.

I generally like to eat a lot of beans, vegetables, green tea, pink grapefruit and super green smoothies.

I eat 1 meal a day with around 3 protein shakes in between.

I also use the same method towards modelling. If I have a shoot I will stick at around 2000 calories maybe a fortnight before the shoot.

It does take a lot of discipline and focus to achieve my targets, but it's the hard work that makes it great.

Look out for two upcoming films I'm starring in later this year in Jason Cook’s ‘The Devils Dandruff’ and ‘24 Hours Away’ by Aaron Thomas also Guy Ritchie ‘King Arthur Knights of the Round Table’.

Sacrifice the good for the great.


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