Know Your Lipid (Fat) Requirements!

So many people bang on about their protein this, protein that, how Carbs are a no go and fat…well fat will make you fat! Bull…that’s utter rubbish, in fact Carbs are your bodies preferred energy source, so if you don’t have any you’ll leech from your muscles eventually, and as for fat, research has shown that a drip feeding of fat into your system via your diet can actually boost the fat burning process.

For many reasons, we should probably have an idea as to how much fat we should be getting in. Remember there are the good (mono and polyunsaturated fats), less good (saturated fats) and bad fats (trans fats), and optimising their ratios by consuming regular plant based fats e.g. nuts and seeds, as well as animal sources such as oily fish is vitally important.

Aim for 1-1.5g fat per kg bodyweight e.g. 80kg male = 80-120g fat per day. An ideal healthy fat source delivering optimal ratio's of omega 3, 6 & 9 fatty acids is Optimum Health Omega Oil Blend.

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