Listen To Your Body, It’s Smarter Than You!

For centuries the traditional Chinese therapists have spoken about the unity between mind and body, so we really need to heed this and pay attention to it.

Is your mind weak, probably not? Do you stop exercising cos you’re lazy? No again? Then if your body is dropping sledge hammer hints that it doesn’t want to go out for a run, for a cycle or it isn’t in the mood for lifting heavy weights…THEN LISTEN TO IT! Otherwise you could be at risk of overtraining…

Overtraining is a condition that results from the repetitive strain induced from exercise, too much of anything usually ends up being bad for you and this holds true for exercise. If you don’t allow adequate time for rest and recuperation then your bodies energy stores, hormones and central nervous system takes a beating. This barrage is characterised by impaired energy levels, increased physical stress, drops in motivation, impaired immune response, overall weakness and in some of the more extreme cases, neuromuscular fatigue (fatigued mind/muscle connection) and thus severe plateaus/declines in your training and health (Gibson and Edwards, 1985; Lehman et al. 1993). If you’re experiencing these symptoms, you’re probably suffering with overtraining syndrome!

There is some overlap with the term overtraining, it is also referred to as ‘overreaching’ or ‘overarching’, the thing is that these are subtly different to overtraining in the sense that they are all degrees of overtraining i.e. recurring overreaching and overarching will eventually lead to overtraining. More information on overtraining will follow these video, as well as useful tips on how you can help avoid the onset of overtraining through proper nutrition and supplementation.


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