Lock And Load Those Guns - You Ultimate Workout


I'm sure many of you have heard of the saying ''Suns out, Guns out'' and while it is out shining brightly, here is my ultimate workout for a 'guns' session. The arms play an important part as secondary muscles to other upper body sessions so having these built strong could help with other lifts. For instance, your bench press and bent over rows could improve with stronger triceps and biceps. Not only will it help with other lifts but it is also fun, training arms is my most enjoyable session because it isn't as taxing on the body. Don't let that last sentence lead you to thinking it isn't going to be intense, it will, just an arm workout doesn't hit your body as hard as other workouts.

The Biceps

The biceps has two heads, hence why it is called bi-ceps. There is a short and long head which you will hit in this session before moving onto your triceps. First of all you will perform a wide grip Olympic bar bicep curl which is going to work your inner bicep that sits closest to your pecs, this is also known as the short head bicep. Immediately after performing this exercise you will do hammer curls which work the long head, outer bicep.

The Triceps

You have probably worked out already that because the triceps contain three muscles you will be performing a tri set here which includes 3 exercises back to back. The triceps consist of a short, medial and long head that will be worked in this routine. All you need is a cable machine, a rope, a long straight bar and a v bar attachment.

The rope - Attach this to the top of the cable and keep elbows tucked into side. When you lower the rope split it at the bottom.

The Bar - Use an under hand grip and attach the bar to the top of the cable. Keep elbows tucked in and pull the bar down.

V Bar - Same as rope except just pull straight down.

How Many Reps and Sets

Start by working your biceps and perform 5 sets of 15 rep super sets before moving onto triceps. So that is 15 reps of Wide grip Olympic bar curls and then 15 reps of Dumbbell hammer curls. Once your 5 sets are up, move onto triceps and do the same amount of repetitions with 5 sets. Remember for triceps you are performing 3 exercises with the 3 different variations on the cable machine.

Rest Period

Between each super set and tri set rest for 2 mins and then get straight back into it....

Why Is This Training Great

This is going to help increase your metabolic rate which will ultimately burn more fat at a rested state. The training is also going to put your muscles under tension which will result in tone and growth. The workout is going to test you and is not like others because you are performing more exercises one after the other.


Don't forget your protein for quicker recovery and to notice better results by feeding your muscles with what they need. Whey protein is great because once it is digested it gets to the muscles in no time. Enjoy the workout and leave a comment below...

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