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Are you planning on pushing your body to its limits? Whether you’re planning a marathon, triathlon, an iron man competition or even a mountainous exhibition, wouldn’t it be nice if you could get all you need to maximise your endurance in one convenient package?

Convenience….Now that’s a mantra I buy into!

Well, High 5 Race Faster Pack is convenience personified; delivering optimal ratios of energising carbohydrate, rejuvenating electrolytes and restorative protein and branch chain amino acids (BCAA’s). It literally contains all that you need to fuel your competition or expedition! Ok, we do not profess that this pack will saturate your glycogen (stored glucose), protein (amino and branch chain amino acids) and dietary minerals (sodium, potassium, zinc, magnesium etc) in the days leading up to the big event. We do not claim that each pack will last a hike up mount Everest, but what we can say is….3 or 4 packs will!! Smile

One should never overlook the importance of Carb loading, targeted saturation of the amino acid pool and optimisation of your electrolyte balance during the build up to the event. No matter how efficient your preparation might be, any endurance event that results in the depletion of your glycogen stores will require the replenishment of carbs, electrolyte and fluid! Our bodies are finely tuned machines where even partial discrepancies in fluid and electrolyte balance can result in reductions in energy, resulting in the onset of cramps, and a decline in overall performance. One of the main consequences of training is perspiration (sweating) and energy store depletion, therefore achieving the ideal ratio between electrolyte and water is integral! High 5 Race Faster Packs energy source 4:1 not only replenishes the fluid and electrolytes lost through sweating, urination and other insensible losses such as breathing (approx 600-800ml per day), but it also delivers 9g of protein to support the recovery of our skeletal muscle!

It’s that mantra again….Convenience!

Energy gels sit nicely in your pocket, bum bag, or any other place you may care to put a liquidy, gel like substance. They are easy to open, ready to consume, quick releasing and taste great! Energy Gel Plus is designed to be ingested when glycogen stores become depleted i.e. when you are about to hit that proverbial ‘wall’. The quick influx of moderate to high glycaemic index carbs (moderate to quick releasing) help you to smash through that wall allowing you to progress on when others falter (almost seems like an unfair advantage…but it’s not). High5's Marathon Race Day and Recovery Pack contains enough energy gels and drink powders to fuel you on race day whether you are following the "Max Energy Max Speed" or the "Get Me Home Feeling Strong" strategy.

Pack contains:

- 14 x EnergyGel Plus
- 1 x EnergySource,
- 1 x EnergySource 4:1
- 1 x Energy Bar
- 1 x 10 Tube Zero or Zero Xtreme
- 2 x Sample Sachets Zero

Research has demonstrated a 45% increase in endurance if carbohydrate and electrolyte repletion is timed and delivered correctly…with energy gels, electrolyte replenishment (isotonic) beverages and energy bars, this is made easy! Simply consume one gel sachet at the point of fatigue i.e. when glycogen stores become depleted, and enjoy a carbohydrate bar at a checkpoint washed down with a revitalising isotonic beverage such as EnergySource 4:1 or Zero Xtreme. If your chosen event has no checkpoint, then consume it within 40-60mins prior to the race (Kreider, Wilborb, Campbell, 2010).


Kreider, R, B., Wilborb, C, D., Campbell, B., Almada, A, L., Collins, R., Cooke, M et al, (2010). ISSN exercise & Sport Nutrition Review: Research & Recommendations. Journal of the international society of sports nutrition. 7: 1550-2783.

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