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XL Nutrition’s High Protein Flapjacks are an eagerly anticipated addition to the monumentally successful XL Nutrition Xtra Protein bars that completely sold out in their first week! Protein flapjacks are very popular amongst muscle gainers, strength trainers, endurance athletes, and now they are widely used as a fat loss aid for their satiating effect (feeling of fullness), increased transit rate of fat through the bowel (physically reducing the absorption of fat), and the sustained release of low glycaemic index (slow releasing) sugars maintaining normal blood sugar levels, sustaining energy levels, and minimising the temptation to snack.   

What’s the difference between Protein Flapjacks & Protein Bars?

The difference between the two is quite simply the addition of oats and the inherent increase in overall carbs (due to the oats). Our XL Nutrition Xtra Protein Bar contains 25g of high quality biologically available (easily absorbed) protein, but with only 14.8g of Carbohydrate, whereas XL Nutrition’s High Protein Flapjacks contain an impressive 18g of high biologically active protein, but also comes with an energy boosting 36g of slow releasing carbohydrate to fuel your training session and support muscle bulk! Both products will make for an ideal addition to a muscle bulking, strength training, or fat loss regimen, only they will exert their effects in subtly different ways.


When should I eat my Protein Flapjack?

The ideal time to take your protein flapjack will depend on your type of activity and training goal.

Before an endurance event- If you are planning an endurance event and you require both an anti-catabolic (muscle preserving) serving of protein, as well as an energising drip feed of glucose to keep your glycogen (stored glucose) stores topped up, then consume your Protein Flapjack approximately 40-60 mins prior to your activity.

Before a resistance training session- Get a Protein Flapjack down you around 40-60mins prior to commencing your session to allow the starchy carbs (oats) time to digest and be absorbed into your blood stream. The oats will reduce the ferocity of the insulin surge that usually follows the ingestion of sugar, protein or any macronutrient for that matter (protein, carb, fat), meaning the protein will be absorbed at a slightly slower, more progressive rate than it’s XL Nutrition Xtra Protein cousin. Therefore the protein will continue to feed your muscles for the whole of your 40-90min training session, and the oats will stop you flagging as a result of a secondary crash in blood sugars that would usually follow the consumption of high GI (quick release) sugar such as chocolate!

As a healthy mid-meal snack- As I’ve mentioned above, oats are the key to feeling full or ‘keeping hunger locked up until lunch’. Therein lays the first mechanism that makes XL Nutrition High Protein Flapjack an ideal accompaniment to any weight loss plan. Consider also the increased thermic effect that protein has on the body i.e. protein is harder to breakdown and digest than carbs or fat, meaning the digestive process of protein requires more energy, meaning we burn more calories! Also consider the satiating effect of protein in that it causes a hormonal shift, inducing the feeling of fullness. The consumption of a high protein, starchy carb foodstuff as a mid-meal snack is the exact recommendation of the UK authority in nutrition, the British Dietetic Association (BDA, 2011). Need I say anymore…XL Nutrition Protein Flapjack is exactly what you need!   

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