Mars Protein Powder - Product Review

Well, here we are, we now live in a time when we have Mars Protein Powder - what a time to be alive! The Mars Protein Powder has been out for a little while now and already it’s making some serious waves, people are loving this premium protein powder, that not only is high in protein but offers an authentic Mars taste.

It wasn’t so long ago that Mars brought out their Mars Protein Bars and already they are a good seller in the protein bar category despite the tough competition in that space - for us it’s great, we’re spoilt for choice!

But what’s this new protein powder actually like?

Mars Protein Powder

Well here in the official Discount Supplements review we give you a little more insight…


Have they managed to match that classic Mars flavour?

Well, as soon as you open the tub...that Mars smell comes around and we love it!

If you melted a Mars bar and combined that with Whey protein you’d get something pretty similar to this, but here you don’t get all the calories from sugar and fat…instead the calories in the Mars Protein Powder mainly come from the protein itself.

We think that the guys over at Mars have really made sure that the taste is authentic to the original bar, it’s obvious they've not just slapped a Mars logo on a tub of protein powder. This has been done properly and given the awesome feedback we’ve had, we would guess we’re not the only ones who think so.


Easily mixable, no lumps and before you know it it’s ready to be consumed...goes perfect with water or milk (tasted great with regular milk and even Almond milk)

Mars Protein Powder

Nutritional Information & Ingredients

When it comes to the numbers, here are the highlights (per serving):

  • 24g protein
  • 4g BCAAs
  • 135 Calories

In terms of ingredients, we have the usual suspects for a top of the line protein powder including Whey Protein Concentrate, Whey Protein Isolate & Hydrolysed Whey Protein Isolate for the protein blend plus a few other ingredients that result in the final product.

Overall this product focuses on good ingredients, which is what we like to see and along with the flavour this makes it a top addition to our site for sure.


If you’re looking for a solid protein powder that tastes like a classic chocolate bar, then this powder by Mars is certainly something to check out.

With it being a pretty cool looking product, it’d make a great gift for a fellow protein lover too!



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