Mass Up With German Volume Training (GVT) : 10 Of 10

Mass Up With German Volume Training  (GVT) : 10 Of 10

Maximising the perfusion of blood to your muscles is key to any mass gaining regimen. However we don’t always have the time or the know how to fit in a session that is adequate to stimulate a muscle swell as well as cause enough strain to encourage Supercompensation, which ultimately induces muscle growth.

Volume is key to increasing blood flow to muscles, and blood flow to muscles is integral to growth. By performing high volume reps and sets at a relatively high weight (so that you fail at or around 10 reps each set) you stand to recruit more motor units, which in turn hit more total muscle fibres per exercise.

People performing GVT have been known to gain around 5kg+ in just 6 weeks of body part splits!

Get the weight right

To ensure you are lifting the correct weight, do not be afraid to fail, in fact you should be close to failing each time in order to maximise growth. If you absolutely cannot hit 10 reps then lower the weight so that you can…but be disciplined with yourself here!

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