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Recently I wrote a post about using the leg extension machine to hit different angles of your quadriceps and now I am going to tell you how you can do it on the leg press machine. Building your legs can take time as they are such a large area but the key in developing them is to keep hitting them at different angles. Realise that the body does get used to what you do so changing it up with different exercises, slight tweaks and angles is all going to work in your favour. There are four different ways you can hit the quads, hamstrings and glutes when you alter your foot placement on the leg press plate. Here is how starting with the first adaptation....

The Changes

Most people I see who use the leg press machine (not that I set up a camp and watch them) but usually if I am waiting to use the machine, have their feet shoulder width a part. This is pretty standard across the board of people that use the machine and this is great to work the quadriceps but it won't hit all of the heads as good as other ways can. Check out these four tweaks and why they are so good..

Feet Close - Having your feet close together on the plate is going to target the outer region of your quadriceps. Place your feet in the middle of the plate and rep out as you normally would and be ready for a burn on the lateral part of the thigh. So remember, feet close together works the outer part of the leg.

Feet High - Placing your feet high and gain keeping them pretty close together will target more muscle groups and not just your quadriceps. In fact, when you control the weight and bring your knees into your chest, most of this contraction is coming from your hamstrings and glutes. This really targets them and you will feel a good burn when you do this. Obviously the pushing motion will cause the quadriceps to contract, but this exercise is mostly aimed at building your hamstrings and glutes.

Feet Low - Keeping your feet lower than normal on the plate will work the muscle close to the knee cap as your range of movement on this exercise is limited, therefore only contracting one major muscle in the quadriceps.

Feet Wide - Finally, having your feet placed wide on the platform is going to do the opposite of when your feet are close together. This is going to target the inner muscles of your quadriceps and help build an all round great look for your thighs.


In summary then you have four different techniques which you can use to alter the way you press on the leg press machine! This is going to up the ante on your workout and you are likely to feel sore after it, so be sure to have that protein shake ready for when you finish!


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