Meal Prep - "failure to prepare is preparing to fail"

Now you have no doubt heard this saying at least once in your lifetime- "failure to prepare is preparing to fail". I’m the first to admit that I hate cheesy sayingsbut this is a principle that I am afraid to say is the key to most people’s success, when it comes to trying to achieve their fitness goals.

As a self confessed gym addict and aspiring Bikini competitor I am that girl that carries around Tupperware boxes and doggie bags of snacks. When you have a busy work life, kids and commitments it can be easy to just reach for snacks like crisps and chocolate in order to tide you over till you get home. These can soon have you off track.

So here are my top tips when it comes to meal prepping and staying on track

  • Buy in bulk – you can bulk buy things like frozen meat, tuna, frozen veg etc which you can batch cook
  • Keep things like nuts, protein powder and rice cakes for easy to grab snacks
  • Use a fitness tracker like My Fitness Pal or a notepad so that you can make yourself aware of what you’re eating on a daily basis
  • Set aside a few hours each week where you can batch cook food for three of four days and then keep this in containers in the fridge

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  • If you are tracking macros why not create a few different meal plans which you can then rotate to keep things interesting
  • If you aren’t the best cook (like me :D) then things like packet rice and microwave oats are really easy to prepare for when you are short of time
  • Get yourself a meal prep bag – not a must but I found these really helpful for days when you are going to be out for long periods of time
  • Separate your macros into a quantity of meals that fit your lifestyle - you will hear many things like eat 5 times a day etc but the best piece of advice I can       give you is to pick however many you can fit in. Don’t let yourself become too overwhelmed.

These are just a few of my tips and over the years it has been a lot of trial and error to get a routine that fits my lifestyle. The main thing to remember is to not become too obsessed and remember that it's ok not to live out of Tupperware all of the time.

Happy Prepping!

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Amy is a qualified Personal Trainer who lives and breathes the fitness lifestyle. As an aspiring bikini competitor she is always testing new training and diet techniques, which she hopes to inspire you with. Studying towards completing her ACA academy qualification and looking to compete again in 2017, Amy is a great resource for quality information right here on the Discount Supplements BLOG.
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