Medi Evil Berserker V2 Amino - Product review

Medi Evil are a brand known to offer products that contain high quality ingredients and give real results. The new version of the Berserker is awesome and it’s clear that they’ve done everything to make it a great end product. This stim-free intra/pre-workout formula contains an abundance of ingredients that supports the training efforts of a strength or endurance athlete. BCAAs, Arginine, Citrulline Malate, Beetroot extract...these are just a few of the potent ingredients contained within each and every refreshing serving of the brand new Medi Evil Berserker V2 Amino.

What Ingredients Are in the Medi Evil Berserker V2 Amino?

So as we’ve touched upon, this product from Medi Evil Nutrition uses some great ingredients that are ideally taken pre and intra workout.


We’ve got…

BCAAs in a 8:1:1 Ratio

Not all BCAAs are equal and here we’ve got a absolute top quality version of BCAAs within the Medi Evil Berserker V2 Amino - these have an incredible 8:1:1 ratio!

We’ve seen the regular 2:1:1 ratio and 4:1:1 ratio, but 8:1:1 ratio is pretty rare - this means that the Leucine content is very high which if you’re into training is what you want.

Citrulline Malate

The precursor for Arginine in the blood, Citrulline Malate is a great ingredient to prime your body for a serious PUMP.


On top of the Citrulline Malate we’ve got Arginine itself to boost the effectiveness and contribute further towards that pump and enhanced nutrient delivery.

Beetroot Extract, Grape Seed Extract & Panax Gingseng

These particular ingredients have been showing themselves in various products recently and rightfully so too!

These have been shown to have particular benefits on trained individuals and having these pre/intra-workout is something that on top of everything else makes this a truly effective product.

Taste and Mixability

When it comes to the taste, the flavours are very refreshing and true to their name which is what we like here at DS.

When it comes to mixability we experienced no issues, as expected you do see a little bit of BCAA residue here and there, but that’s the same in any product containing BCAA and to be expected.


Overall, we love this revised Berserker V2 Amino from Medi Evil Nutrition and it gets our seal of approval.

Great results, great taste and outstanding value!

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