The Medicine Ball Workout Which Is Going To Work Your Core!!

Cutting straight to the chase, did you know that you can have an awesome workout with just a medicine ball? Using a 5kg medicine ball for your entire workout sounds easy right? Do not make the mistake I made when I completed this workout over the weekend thinking it was going to be a piece of cake, it really isn't. This medicine ball workout is going to work your core and other muscles in your body to new limits. It is going to hurt but what doesn't kill you only makes you STRONGER!!

The Workout

Simply put you will just use a 5kg medicine ball and perform 500 reps throughout the workout. Once you reach 500 reps you then have a beautiful 100 rep finisher move that I put into my workout. You won't know what the 100 rep finisher move is until you finish reading the post, oh the suspense hey? ;) This full body workout will have you pushing, pulling, jumping and crunching those slab abs of yours. Fat burn and endurance is the name of the game so let's get right to it.

The Rules

You will perform 5 exercises each consisting of 100 reps which you will do however you want. Either go for 100 straight off, break them up into sets of 20 reps or take your breaks as and when. You must not put the medicine ball down, keep hold of it at all times. Once you have finished your exercise of 100 reps give yourself 2-3 minutes rest and go into the next 100 repetition exercise. Good Luck

3,2.1 BEGIN

Squat To Press - Legs/Core/Shoulders

Being with a shoulder width stance and the medicine ball held in front of your chest. Squat and as you come back up press with your arms so the ball shoots into the air. Keep hold of the ball and as you squat again bring your hands back to your chest and repeat this motion. This is called a squat to press and it is going to work your legs, abs and shoulders.

Lunge and Twist - Legs/Bum/Abs

Again start with your feet shoulder width a part and hold the 5kg medicine ball in front of your chest. Take a step forward into a lunge and drop to the floor, as you do this extend your arms with the ball and twist to the bent leg so that you work your abs. From here return to your original stance and step forward with the other leg and twist the body to the opposing side. Important tip to note is that you don't want to drop the back leg to the floor, so keep it a short distance off from the floor.

Press up spiderman - Chest/Shoulders/Legs/Obliques

The third exercise is an interesting one and it will involve you looking like the superhero character Spiderman. (but hey there are worse things you could look like right?) Still using the medicine ball you are going to press with one hand on the ball whilst bringing your knee into the elbow. Either perform 50 on one side or keep alternating. This will really work your abs and chest area :)

Jacknife V Sits - Abs

This exercise involves you working your core while being on the floor. sit on your bottom with your legs extended and your arms behind your head. Hold the ball, sit up with it and transfer it to your legs and lower your legs with the ball and bring your arms back over your head. Repeat this action by transferring the ball back to you arms and so on. Great exercise for the lower and upper abs :)

Standing Woodchop - Obliques/Abs

Adopt a wide stance and have one knee bent, from here bend the arms and hold onto the medicine ball. You are going to transfer your body weight through your legs and as you do this your arms will go from your shoulders towards your hips. Perform 50 repetitions on each side and then perform this same technique on the other side.

The 100 Rep Finisher

25 reps of Squat and Chest Press

25 reps of Burpees 

25 reps of Hammer curls

25 reps of Sumo squats

Don't forget while you train sipping on bcca's will help increase endurance and strength throughout the session. A great product is Sci MX BCAA Intra Hardcore. Make sure you have your whey protein shake after your training session and stretch to prevent tight muscles. All the best :)

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