Meet Jeff Dabe : The Arm Wrestler With The MONSTROUS Hands & Forearms


Jeff Dabe is a unique 50 year old chap, coming from Minnesota in the US he is best known for his abnormally large (to say the least) hands and forearms! A shame that he is best known for his measurements rather than his incredible strength considering Dabe is a Champion arm wrestler who has NEVER lost a match using his left arm. Admittedly it seems he crushes people’s hands with the sheer hand mass he possesses, but that aside he does have incredible power, strength and endurance.

Why are his hands so large?

In the words of Lady Gaga, he’s on the right track baby he was born this way… and evidently he embraces it, in fact he has made a successful living out of it. Dabe has attracted a lot of publicity, not least for the comparisons made between him and Popeye, as well as the more recent cartoon character ‘Wreck it Ralph’. These comparisons are made empathetically and affectionately and are by no means a derogatory comparison, and to be fair you can see what people mean!


Although there have been suggestions that his hands and forearms are so large because of synthol use, the chances of this are slim…I mean why would you? Then some people have hinted at a local version of giganticism and Proteus syndrome, but the fact is that none of these have been proven or disproven.

So how do you explain his exceptional strength?

If the hands and forearms are indeed a result of one of the abovementioned conditions, then this doesn’t explain Dabe’s impressive strength which saw him dominate the arm wrestling world for a period. This period was around the 70’s and 80’s until in 1986 he suffered a catastrophic shoulder dislocation during a 2-3 minute bout, Dabe failed to recover from this but later decided to compete using his left arm. Since changing arms Dabe hasn’t lost, he is still a dominant force in the arm wrestling world!

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