Mid Morning Munchies setting in? When do you take your protein and why??


As the clock strikes 11am many of you will be reaching for a mid- morning snack or two, and hopefully this snack will be protein based with a side of carbs to tide you over till lunch. The issue of getting enough protein in your body can be tough, particularly when you’re following a consistent and intense training regime. The side effect of a solid training regime is muscle mass, and the consequence of having more muscle mass is that you need more protein, more regularly to sustain it! So do you do it?

Most athletes will look at their protein routine as 6- 7 opportune times over the day starting with breakfast, right through to bed time. If you consider the average person’s day starts from 7am through to 11pm, that’s a 16 hour block of time to divide your protein into. In order to minimise muscle catabolism (breakdown) you should aim to not deprive your body of a protein source for any longer than 2-3 hours at a time meaning you should aim to consume a protein source at least 5-8 times a day.

A good rule of thumb would be to divide your protein intake between 7am upon waking, followed by 10am, then 1pm, and then more protein at 4pm, next at 7pm, and finally at 10pm right before you go to bed. How much you should consume at each sitting will depend on your requirements, but an average 80kg male should aim to consume around 20-25g protein per serving (about the amount of protein you’d get from one serving of a whey protein shake), that would equate to approx. 1.9- 2g protein per kg bodyweight.

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