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A workout which is massive in the states is now becoming more popular in the UK, but is it something you would try? Mike Fitch has created The 'Animal Flow' workouts which is a body weight workout that requires no gym, just yourself and an open space for you to roam around in. Mike has developed this concept to help those that do not want to workout in the gym and prefer to be outdoors. So let's take a look at this further and see what it has to offer...

Mike Fitch

Mike is a personal trainer but wanted to give the fitness community something other than what was already out there. Mike used to train a lot in the gym performing different weighted exercises but found that there was something he could offer to himself and others. With this in mind he turned to a new project which focuses on the whole body, calling it Animal Flow.

Animal Flow

“Using all of your limbs at the same time through multiple planes of motion, as they were intended, has a carry-over to power, strength, endurance and fat loss,” says Mike Fitch, PT and Animal Flow creator. 

The video outlines the many different techniques you will be using in Animal Flow. For instance Mike uses gymnastics, parkour, capoeira, and even breakdancing to travel through his workouts. You can even see elements of yoga in this section too, which we all know is great for you. To give you an idea of what some exercises are called here is a quick list of them...

Ape Reach

Crab Reach

Scorpion Reach


Side Kickthrough

Front Step

Forward Travelling Beast and so on....

So What Are The Benefits?

From the research I have done, here are some great benefits to using Animal Flow...

Increased Workouts

No matter what stage you are at you are always going to keep improving and this could be with your flexibility, agility, strength, power, condition and speed are all enhanced.

Increased Athletic Performance

Because Animal Flow forces you to perform multiple moves at once you will be working on your athletic performance. This is due to working via multi planes and not just running in a straight line for example. If you are a sports person you will find this benefit and the first one advantageous to your dedicated sport. An increased athletic performance along with increased speed and agility is certainly going to help you as a player.

Increased Mobility / Flexibility

Making sure you are mobile and flexible during sport is key to avoid injuries and to stay on top form. Not only this but staying supple means you will work your muscles through their whole range of movement. To see improvement in muscular development this is also key.

You might already be performing this style of workout and if so we would love to hear from you, so please comment below with how you are getting on. I will leave you with a final video of Mike doing his thing, this one is great!! Enjoy

Reference - http://www.globalbodyweighttraining.com/the-animal-flow-workout-fitness-video/

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