Product Review: Milky Way Protein Bar

We love protein bars here at Discount Supplements and here we are checking out the new Milky Way protein bar that follows on from the hugely popular Mars and Snickers protein bars.

With just 183 calories per bar, 19.2g of protein and that plenty of that classic Milky Way taste these bars look like they’re going to put smiles on a fair few faces!

Taste & Texture

So, do these bars have that classic Milky Way taste? Well, it turns out they sure do! These are undoubtedly Milky Way protein bars.

As you bite into the bar, the milky chocolate coating begins the experience shortly before the chocolatey/vanilla Milky Way flavours start to come through...

Although these are chewier than the regular bar (due to the ingredients needed to make the bar high in protein) they’re still pretty easy to eat and leave a pleasant aftertaste too. As Milky Way fans, we’re pretty happy with the result here.

Ingredients & Macros

Thanks to the inclusion of a whole host of milk-based ingredients (plus a few others) the protein content of this bar manages to come in at just over 19g of protein, 19.2g to be precise - not bad at all.

Carbohydrate wise we have 18.6g per bar, 10.1g of which are sugars...for a bar that regains a lot of the classic Milky Way chocolate bar taste this is a decent accomplishment.

Product Highlights

  • 19.2g protein
  • Classic Milky Way taste
  • Just 10.1g of sugar per bar
  • Perfect for an on the go protein treats

Final Thought

If you’re looking for a protein bar that also serves as a bit of a tasty treat too, then look no further than the Milky Way chocolate bar! The ideal solution for those who need a little more protein in their diet and want a childhood classic chocolatey experience at the same time.


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