Mindset, Goals and Being in it for the Long Haul

‘Lose a dress size in two weeks’

‘Get abs in 6 weeks’

‘Two week Shred’

‘Bikini ready in 4 weeks’

Do these all sound familiar?

Now no one can lie and say that these promises don’t sound appealing, who doesn’t want a quick short term fix? But that’s it, it is usually only short term. If you use exercise and diet as a way of satisfying a singular goal rather than changing your lifestyle it is likely to become a chore and you will lose interest.

In order to understand the concept of long term goals you must first realise that whatever shape or level of fitness that you are at now is a result of certain habits that have been performed over a period of time. Therefore, this means that to get to where you want to be is going to be the result of habits that you preform over time as well.

Many, it not of all of us, have gone on some form of quick weight loss diet that worked initially but then became unsustainable overtime. Not only are most of these diets unhealthy but they can also result in gaining more weight once you resume your normal eating habits. So how do you go about changing your mind set? Check out my tips below:

1. Break down your long term goals into short term goals

It can be particularly daunting if you have to lose a large amount of weight or if you have set yourself a goal of running a marathon, so break it down into smaller goals. You can buy yourself a diary and set yourself weekly targets such as cutting out the sugar in your tea one week or running 1km one week. By breaking it down you can celebrate the small successes along the way to keep yourself motivated. Trying to make too many changes at once it was of the main reasons that people fail at achieving their health and fitness goals.

2. Make sustainable changes

Now as we all know change doesn’t come from staying in your comfort zone but with that being said you know your lifestyle and what are realistic changes to make. You must make sure that the changes you make are sustainable and achievable. For example, if you work long hours and decide to train twice a day every day from the get go you’ll get disheartened if you can’t maintain it.

3. You must start to take responsibility for your actions and begin to take control.

If you always blame your circumstances, then you will never make progress. Now no one is perfect and you will have days where you get frustrated or feel like you are getting nowhere but these are the days that you need to sit back and focus on your short terms goals.

4. Try to forget about the how and remember why you are doing it

Trying to gain muscle, prep for a show or lose weight can be overwhelming so instead of thinking about all the things you have to do, try and remember why you are doing it. This may be to improve your health or improve your confidence, remember this and focus on it.

5. A self-fulfilling prophecy

If you tell yourself every day that you won’t achieve your goals or that it is too hard then you are most likely to fail. I can’t emphasise the importance of positive thinking. Remind yourself daily of all the positive steps you have taken towards your goals. Positivity breeds success.

With 2017 fast approaching try to think about what goals you want to achieve and start thinking positively on how you are going to get there.


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