Mini Review: Battle Oats Cookies

Our Mini Review this week is... Battle Oats Protein Cookies!

Vegan? Tick. Gluten Free? Tick. Non GMO? Tick.

Something for all dietary needs here!

Nutritional details vary from flavour to flavour, with:

  • Calories 230-240
  • Protein 10g,
  • Carbs 21-25g
  • Fat 9-10g

While they are pretty low in protein, they have plenty of other great features. For example, each cookie contains anything from 8-11g fibre, excellent for digestive health and keeping you full through the day. The ingredients are very 'clean' and whole food based, including; gluten free oats, flaxseed and cocoa powder.

Despite looking small in the pack, these are very dense and surprisingly filling. The high fat content, combined possibly with the fact that dairy protein powder hasn't been used, means that the texture is perfect. Soft and crumbly, these are easily as good as any less healthy cookie. Battle Oats do hand make and oven bake their cookies in the UK which is easy to believe!

I loved the Lemon Drizzle flavour for something a little different.The mocha was excellent too.

We would consuming recommend these between meals as a healthy snack! 

About the Author

Savannah Westerby. BSc Sport and Exercise Nutrition. Instagram: @savannahwesterby

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