Mix Up Your Deadlift For Maximum Gains....


Working on your deadlifts is a smart thing to do especially when you are wanting to develop your core, lower back and hamstrings. Obviously your deadlift is also going to work the majority of your upper back muscles too and other small things like your grip, stability and grit. There are some different ways of performing a deadlift so here are some great new ways of getting it done which will hopefully target some new areas on your body.

Boost Testosterone

Working a major compound exercise like deadlifts is a superb way to boost overall strength through greater optimisation of testosterone. What does this mean? Well, simply put, it means each time you go hard with your deadlifts and put in 100% effort you will get a bang for your buck with an increase of testosterone. When your body releases more of this anabolic hormone it can only mean one thing, better results. Having more testosterone means you're likely to be stronger, leaner and torch fat off your body. By now you should be thinking, if you don't already do deadlifts, it's time to start including them in your workouts ;)


When you perform this movement you will target a whole range of muscles through your body, just like when you perform a squat. So, having an exercise like this to perform is really going to help build muscle and make you a stronger athlete. Please make sure you understand and have practised the technique of deadlifts before going straight into them. I recommend having a trainer show you how to do it or someone else who is experienced in this field.

Sumo Deadlift

A way of mixing your deadlift up is through stance and grip, the sumo deadlift has both of these components locked down. The key thing to remember when performing this type of lift is to think of how a Sumo wrestler would stand, nice and wide. In every other deadlift your hands are on the outside of your knees but for this lift you keep them within your legs for balance. Use the image below to gauge how you should start and finish each lift....

Straight Leg Deadlift

This type of deadlift emulates the traditional deadlift in terms of stance but differs during the movement as you keep your legs straight. This is going to target the hamstrings and lower back for most of the movement, so if these are weak areas for you then this is a great exercise to perform. Use the image below to perform the exercise correctly...

Deficit Deadlift

Probably one of the hardest types of deadlifts is the deficit deadlift which is exactly the same as a normal one, except you are standing on plates to give you the deficit. Therefore, when starting this exercise you are already putting more strain on the body to perform, so this would be classed as an expert level type of deadlift. Again, use the image below to see how this is done...

As I have mentioned above, please make sure you know what you are doing before you try any deviation of an exercise. Trying new moves like this will certainly help you grow and develop and like previously stated, if you want to increase strength and lean muscle, these will certainly help you :)

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