Mix Your Gym Sessions Up By Trying Out New Classes...


Are you bored of what you do in the weights area? Do you want to inject some fun into your workouts or try something different? Sometimes we get stuck into a routine of what we do because that's what we think is best, when really we should alternate what we do to keep things fresh. The weights area is great but why not mix up what you do by joining in on some different classes once a week or month to mix up what you're doing. Here are some great ones to try that might surprise you...


The idea of joining in on a fitness class doesn't seem to be the best way of achieving the physique you want does it? I mean, when I mention fitness classes do you automatically imagine yourself stepping up onto a box or doing some legs, bums and tums exercises? This is a common misconception about classes in general that occurs but hopefully after reading this you will be more inclined to try out some.


Love training your legs but want to hit them in a different way, try out a spinning class on a fixed spin bike. Spinning is an intense 30-45 minute class which targets your leg muscles through a variety of different techniques. One minute you might be climbing a hill on your bike in a high gear with low rpms, the next minute you could be sprinting as fast as you can envisioning yourself towards a finish line. The rates at which you work impact the muscles and will cause them to shape and tone to how intense you workout. The beauty of these classes is that you can control the intensity so you can always work within your fitness levels.

Body Pump 

Ever get to the gym but feel like you have trained everything you want to train for the week and would rather do a full body session? Well, if so then Body Pump is the class for you to do. This is great for an all round workout and you basically do you exercises to different types of music which results in a lot of repetitions. If you aren't used to high volume workouts then you will be surprised at how much this one really gets ya! You will work every muscle in the body and these classes are usually 60 minutes, one piece of advice - bring a towel, you will sweat!


Bored of doing endless cardio on a treadmill or bike machine looking at a tv screen? Have you ever thought about dancing away your body fat in a class called Zumba, 'cos now you can. If you have a passion for moving to music then you could find yourself enjoying Zumba more than what you do already. This class allows you to have fun and burn off unwanted calories by constantly moving to feel'good tunes and beats. This is a very popular class for the ladies :)


There are always other ways of getting a workout in and you don't just have to stick with the equipment on the gym floor. Why not check the studio timetable to find out what class you can do next time you are there, you never know, you might just enjoy it ;)

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