The Moment Mr Olympia Phil Heath Dropped By To Say Hi…

Despite being graced with 3x Mr Olympia Phil Heath’s presence a few days ago now, writing this title still fills me with awe and excitement! It’s something to queue for a quick pic and a ‘hello’ and ‘goodbye’ with these guys at an expo such as BodyPower, but it’s another thing entirely to have the man wilfully drop in to our humble Braintree based office for a chat! It is well documented how Phil Heath is very appreciative of his fans, but when it was rumoured that the current Mr O might be popping in to say, I have to say I was a little sceptical. Lo and behold though, around lunch time on an average working day, who walks into the office…the BIG man himself.




What a great guy

So why did Phil decide he would come over, well in truth Phil’s main sponsor is in some way affiliated with us, so no doubt this had a major part to play. However, it turned out that Phil had heard about two massive fans of his worked for Discount Supplements in the shape of Tom (me) and Scott. So because of that he decided he’d take the time out of his very busy schedule to have a chat…what a guy! There is something remarkably humbling about having a man of that prowess standing there in your place of work telling you intimate stories of when he was a basketball player, right through to how he planned the stage performance during the 2013 Mr Olympia.

Advice to cherish

If there was ever a man to listen to when it comes to getting results, then potentially one of the best bodybuilders of all time is probably a good one to go with. Phil shed some invaluable light on his training mentality of ‘get up and get at em’ and don’t give a damn what the critics are saying. One thing I really respect about the man is his ability to keep his mouth shut when others are slating him. He explained how he has faced torment because of his relatively affluent upbringing, how in contrast to Kai Green he has had it ‘easy’. Look, Phil does a great job of describing trial and tribulation, he sums it up by saying ‘it’s relative’, yes some people have it harder than others but quite often many people who have it easy fall into a spiral of complacency, and this can be as tough to contend as financial and other adversity. Phil never claimed to have a hard upbringing, but he never really expressed how easy it was either, in fact all Phil Heath really did was train, eat, sleep and repeat…and in the process let the results do the talking. Yes the man is capable of ‘winding his competition up’, and he reminisces the time when he would slate an opposing basketball player in order to force him to play his game, a skill he has cleverly taken onto the Olympia stage.

Once in a lifetime opportunity

You have to consider something like meeting Mr O Phil Heath as a one off, a one off that probably won’t happen again because of the mans stature, popularity and demand. However, the world is a small place and you never can tell what might happen which could result in our paths crossing again. One thing I will say is this, I’m glad I did meet him, I am grateful to him for taking the time out of his day to come into our stomping ground and have an informal, friendly chat. Above all this though, I am inspired to see that these people you come across in the magazines are just that, people, and the accomplishments they have at an early age is down to perseverance, discipline, an indomitable spirit, maybe genetics to an extent, and knowledge in an area that demands planning, structure and precise execution. The impromptu visit from Phil Heath was inspiring and informative at the same time, thanks a lot for stopping by and we wish him all the best for the impending Mr Olympia in Las Vegas for 2014!      

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