Morning Cardio Session Boosts Fat Burning!

The theory is this…you go to bed at night, hopefully having had a source of casein protein before bed either in the form of some milk, cottage cheese or a casein protein shake such as Reflex Nutrition Micellar Casein. During the night your body is observing a fast whereby it receives no nutrition for approx 6-8 hours. During this time your body is drip fed amino acids from the casein, meaning the body is content to leech energy from your glycogen stores via a process known as Glycogenolysis. This glucose yield provides energy for your major organs whilst you’re in the land of nod.

Upon waking your glycogen stores are low, and consequently your body starts to use fat stores for energy through the beta oxidation of fat. Therefore if your body is drawing from your fat stores for energy, your best bet is to get some Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAA’s) down you and get yourself out for a run, bike ride or whatever cardio best suits your situation. The raised metabolic rate after exercise will work cumulatively with the lack of glycogen, in turn maximising your fat burning. Remember to replenish your glycogen stores after exercise with a moderate glycaemic index (moderate rate releasing) carb source such as orange juice, as well as a low calorie whey protein shake such as Optimum Health Ultimate Whey protein to stave off unwanted muscle catabolism (breakdown). Follow this up with a low glycaemic index carb such as porridge oats and a banana to fuel you for the day ahead!

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