Mother Nature Has Got Your Back

If I told you I had 18 apples for lunch yesterday you would either think that I was lying or that I was completely deranged. Quite frankly, only a crazy person would attempt to eat that many apples in one sitting and if all 18 apples were successfully consumed, the result would not be pretty!

However, if someone told you they had a fast food meal for lunch yesterday while you might judge them, you wouldn’t expect it to make them immediately ill. Calorie wise these two lunches are on par.

So what is my point? My point is that Mother Nature has got your back!

Healthy natural foods regulate appetite to stop you from overeating. They also control blood sugar levels by providing you with a sane amount of energy from a nutrient rich source. The relationship between natural food and the human body is far lengthier than any relationship with junk food. Give your body the food it is designed to digest!

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Job Role Sports Nutritionist and Social Media Coordinator Qualifications Bsc Sport and Exercise Science Steph has a competitive athletic background which spans 19 years. As a child she performed with the English Youth Ballet and had performed on the West End stage by the age of 10. Her enthusiasm for sport and fitness continued to grow as she did, encouraging her to learn more about nutrition and training. She began using her knowledge and personal experience to help others when she began coaching at the age of 16. From here, she went on to study Sport and Exercise Science at the University of Essex during which time she also received the Most Promising Newcomer Award from her University to mark her outstanding contribution to sport. During her first year of study she was introduced to partner stunt acrobatics and artistic gymnastics. After one year of dedicating herself to a lifestyle revolving around her sport, she was training with the best team in the UK who are currently ranked fifth in the world. Steph has worked in both the private and public sector coaching children and adults from grassroot to elite level as well as providing them with cutting edge advice on how to reach their goals. Steph has received awards for her choreography and has competed nationally and internationally meaning that she can back up her scientific knowledge with a wealth of experience. As our resident Sports Nutritionist, Steph is here to provide the most current and evidence based fitness, health and nutrition information to help you reach your health and fitness goals.


  • Dan

    Pretty sure this diet really wouldn't fit your fitness goals. Even a smaller portion is still small quantities but same breakdown of the macros. While I agree that fast food meals are pretty awful sources of processed nutrition, and by no means the answer, a big mac has a much better balance of macros than its weight in apples for someone who is following a balanced diet and exercising regularly. There are also lots of example of where people have proved you can drop BF, become healthier etc while staying on 100% fast food diets. Again I don't think its the best way but it does and it has worked. Just because its 'natural' does not make it good for you...

    Apples: 95% carbs, 2% protein, 3% fats. Over 400g of sugar in those 18 apples.
    Big Mac: 32% carbs, 52% fats,16% protein


    • Steph

      Hi Dan. By no means am I suggesting you go and eat 18 apples which is why I began by saying it would be crazy to do so. My point is that if you eat natural foods your body responds in a way that helps protect you against overloading on sugar, calories and the like (also stated above). Like you say, apples are high in sugar which is why if you tried to eat too many your body would reject this. However, your body will let you eat a lot more nutrient poor fast foods before you feel any physiological negative response. My point was (and still is) that eating natural food helps protect your body against overloading on calories or any particular macronutrient. If I were to suggest a healthy diet I would obviously provide a more extensive list of healthy foods and description on why they are useful to include in the diet. 

      Thanks for your comment. 

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